Coming Soon To Coventry…The Devil! When three beautiful young women become fascinated with the same dark handsome stranger and new owner of the town’s mansion house, trouble will inevitably brew. When the new man in town, Darryl Van Horne, turns out to be no less than the very Devil himself, with more than a little naughtiness on his mind, then trouble brews fast.

Despite being able to cast his spell on the girls and most of the townsfolk, the lecherous interloper can’t escape the scrutiny of Eastwick town’s ferocious and feisty busybody who instantly knows something is amiss, and guesses that their relationship with the less than innocent smooth talking home owner, will be bad…very bad indeed.

The demonic character was famously portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the film version and on stage by the likes of Marti Pellow and Ian McShane. The cast of the Guildhall may not be as well known, but they tell the story and perform the songs so well, that the audience will be as spellbound as the three young women, who not only sing and act, but actually fly around the theatre as they truly become ‘The Witches of Eastwick’.

The Witches of Eastwick runs at the Albany Theatre from 10th June – 13th June, tickets are expected to ‘fly out of the box office’ so make sure you book yours now on 024 7699 8964 or book online at