Calling all musicians – want to be a part of Summer Music Day?

It has always been known that music is a great leveller. When language can sometimes be a barrier to understanding each other, music can say so much and unite people.

On 21st June (the first day of summer) Coventry, like 300 other cities of the world, will embrace ‘the musical fever ‘and take part, for the first time ever, in Worldwide Music Day.

Fête de la Musique had its premiere in 1982 in France. Today it is a significant, international artistic event celebrated on five continents and every year, music institutions, concert halls, opera houses, theatres, music schools, pubs, clubs and cafes organize free public concerts.

According to its website: “The festival originated in a humble burst of musical idealism and a few power connections, and yet, in only two decades, has become a wildly popular global event. This season, the summertime musical event will draw music lovers in 540 cities worldwide, 300 European cities, about 50 of them in Germany alone”.

The variety of music that is performed on the day enables the audience to get acquainted with a variety of sounds, cultures, and styles.

Coventry University’s Culturae Mundi has decided to take on the task of promoting this and is looking for people and places to take part in Worldwide Music Day!

Venues around the city are invited to take part and come alive with free music performances celebrating music from all over the world.

Munira Ezzi, editor at Culturae Mundi, said:

“We are really excited about being part of Worldwide Music Day. Coventry University has students from over 140 countries. In addition to this large number, there is diversity in the staff, family members, and Coventry community. To be able to reflect this diversity in music would be amazing and nothing brings people together more than the appreciation of world music.

“We are looking for musical students and staff to let us know if they would like to be part of this wonderful day. If you are a musician, either a soloist or part of a group, and would like to take part, then get in touch with us.  We are also looking for venues across the city to sign up so that the performers will have somewhere to share their music.”

For more information on how you can be involved, go to the Culturae Mundi Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @CulturaeMundi, alternatively, visit them in the student centre, Room 107A.

To find out more about the history of Fête de la Musique, go to