PQA Coventry Hits the Big Screen at PQA & Empire Cinemas Film Festival, Leicester Square

On the morning of Sunday 7th September, PQA students from 12 specially selected academies were gathered around the Leicester Square cinema, bubbling over with excitement as they waited to see their films on the big screen. Earlier this year 61 Pauline Quirke Academies submitted their films to be in with a chance to have their work screened as part of this year’s PQA & Empire Cinemas Film Festival in Leicester Square.

Over 150 films were submitted and the top 16 films have been specially selected by an external panel of film industry professionals. One of the chosen films was created by PQA Coventry and the cast, crew and fans were invited to join the exciting event in Leicester Square. The premiere saw over 700 students, friends and family who all travelled to London to take part in the festival.

The Pauline Quirke Academy is a weekend performing arts school, offering outstanding tuition for 4-18 year olds. As well as tuition in Comedy & Drama and Musical Theatre, one of the big draws is the Film & Television module, which offers the chance to explore screen acting and film-making. Students devise, script and storyboard their short films, before embarking on location scouting and rehearsals. They then shoot their films, working just like a professional film crew, with some students acting in a scene, with others taking on the roles of director, camera operator, sound engineer, 1st Assistant Director and so on. It’s a ‘hands on’ approach, with the aim of teaching students the techniques of cinematic storytelling whilst understanding the many different roles on a film or TV set, and how these people all work together to create a great piece of work.

Another benefit of the module is the experience it gives to those students who want to audition for professional jobs, through PQA’s exclusive agency, Quirky Kidz. Their knowledge of screen acting techniques means PQA students can approach TV and film auditions with confidence and many have gone on to win parts in high profile TV shows and film projects as a result.

The opportunities the Film & TV module presents are tremendously exciting, but the ultimate benefit is the life skills it teaches. “Our students love this module partly because of the relevance of the medium, but also because it gives them the chance to improve their communication skills by actually seeing and hearing what they are doing,” says Pauline Quirke.

The winners of the competition were films that demonstrated outstanding skills in screen acting, lighting, sound, editing, direction and script. The judges were particularly impressed with PQA Coventry, and could not wait to see their film ‘Pass it On’ on the big screen.

For more information about joining PQA Coventry please visit www.pqacademy.com or call 084567 32022.