Keeping Them Safe In The Sun by Kate Duggan

Our top tips for keeping children safe on holiday.

Stop slips

There are few things more pleasant than relaxing with a cool drink on a hot day beside a swimming pool. Bliss. Unfortunately, however much you tell your children not to run by the pool, they never seem to learn. While non-slip shoes won’t make your child any less likely to ignore your warnings, they could help to prevent a nasty fall. Slipfree® shoes can be used in and out of the water and are also handy for protecting feet from hot pebbles on the beach. They’re quick-drying, breathable and comfortable. (My son would wear his 24/7 given the chance.) Available in a range of designs and sizes, Slipfree® shoes are priced at £14.95 at

Sun safety

If your child hates having sunscreen re-applied, you might want to invest in a long-sleeved, long-legged sun suit. Frugi do one which has a UPF of 50+. You’ll still need to use sunscreen on exposed areas. M&S Kids Sun Smart Sun Spray is SPF50, suitable for sensitive skin and helps to moisturise skin while it protects. Let your child choose their own sun hat, as they’re more likely to wear it without protesting. It may not be quite as tasteful as the one you’d have chosen, but hey, you’re on holiday.

Holiday homes

Planning to rent a holiday home this summer? Set a reminder on your phone to check the fire alarm when you get there. According to new research by VeriSmart, up to 40% of rental properties don’t have a working smoke alarm, despite it being a legal requirement. If the property has a gas fire, gas cooker, coal fire or wood burning stove, it should also have a carbon monoxide detector. Depending on the age of your child, you may need to check whether there’s a stair gate and safety latches before you go. If there isn’t, consider investing in a travel stair gate such as the Lindam Flexiguard, which folds up small and is easy to attach without screws.

Stranger danger

See for advice on talking to your child about strangers and hazards. The site also has advice on online safety, what to check if your child is taking part in a club, and more. A child identity wristband is a good idea for younger children. Write your name and phone number on the wristband in case your child gets lost. (Search Amazon for ‘ID wristband’.)

Stay hydrated

You’ll need to make sure your child stays hydrated while you’re out and about. If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on bottled drinks (or waste all that plastic), a reusable water bottle is essential. The ones at Getting Personal can be personalised with your child’s name. Who knows, it might even encourage them not to lose it. One can hope.