NHS Heroes Poem

By Alicia x

Intensive Care Unit Nurse at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

We are called heroes
We are thanked by your claps
We are given gifts
And we are thankful of that!

We are called heroes
But us heroes cry
When we’re struggling with the pressures
And when our patients die

We are called heroes
But it doesn’t seem right
To take a title of a hero
When you can’t sleep at night

We are called heroes
On the ITU front line
From the domestics to the consultants
All of us shine

You are also the heroes
You have stacked up the shelves
You have looked after your neighbours
And cared for yourselves

You are also the heroes
You have worked from your home
And followed the instruction
To stay safe at home

You are all the heroes
You’ve given us love all the way through
And I promise, without your love
We couldn’t do what we do!

Printed with thanks to BHBN Radio and The Heartbeat Magazine