Money Makes The World Go Round? by Richard Nicholls

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the happiest a human being could ever be, how happy are you in your life right now? When people are interviewed all over the world, we tend to find that most people in the top 20 happiest countries rate themselves as being at about 7 out of 10.

The UK only just makes it into the top 20 by being at number 19 with an average of about 6.7. To put that into context, the world average is 5.3 and Europe is about 6. Norway is number one with 7.5. So that’s a good number to strive for.

So, here’s another question. What do you think needs to happen to raise your number up by one single point? Would it be a lottery win? A pay rise? Or would it be to have more time to relax and listen to music or read?

If we look at household income throughout the world, we do see that there’s a correlation with a higher salary and greater happiness, but it’s not a straight line. Once a household has an income total of about 50k it begins to curve quite considerably, almost flattening out so that it becomes increasingly more difficult to get any happiness out of the extra money you earn.

It’s such a gentle increase in life satisfaction that to go up one point on the happiness scale needs an extra £100,000 per year!

The frustrating thing is that this is a foundation to a lot of people’s beliefs, it may well be yours. But it’s not enough! Having money in the bank might make it easier for you to do certain things that make you happy but maybe you could do those things anyway, if you realised that it wasn’t the lottery win you wanted, but it was actually spending more time with your family or it meant you had more time to do volunteer work or plan your meals better or exercise more.

It’s definitely worth looking underneath your desires to work out why you feel the need for more money, if you do. Because the security that money brings us has been with us for generations and the desire for it is probably never going to go away.

But there are other things that can shift us up a point on the 1 to 10 happy scale. Being less anxious and having more control over your thoughts, being more grateful and appreciative of the simpler things in life, having a healthy opinion of yourself, spending any spare cash on experiences rather than objects. All these things have a better influence on our happiness than savings in your bank account does. So, it’s really important to get our priorities right.

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