Christmas Stress by Richard Nicholls

Why is it that every year we feel that Christmas is starting earlier?

We’ve been saying this for years so if it really was starting earlier every year, then it should be in the middle of August by now!

Well my son has just turned 10 years old and to him it seems like forever since last Christmas, as it’s been a tenth of his life. Now to me a tenth of my life is nearly 4 years so no wonder he can hardly wait.

And for a 60 year old, from one year to another is just a fast moving 60th of your life! To my son a 60th of his life is only 61 days!

So, when you eat your Christmas dinner and it feels as if you’ve only just eaten the one from last year, that’s why. Christmas isn’t really coming round quicker each year, it’s just that as we get older our perception of time gets quicker. Bear that in mind and you might not be so annoyed about it next year, when you hear Christmas music playing in the shops, when it feels as if they’ve only recently stopped.

After all Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, although I certainly see a lot more anxiety and depression at Christmas, maybe we try too hard to create a perfect day. The TV is full of adverts where everyone is smiling and got plenty of money. And that might not be our reality. But if that’s our expectation then for the majority of us, who maybe don’t have much spare money, we can feel anxious.

Especially if it’s you that is taking responsibility for the whole of Christmas day, and if that is you, then share the load with others in the family. Or maybe don’t try so hard. After all, it doesn’t really matter if there’s not enough room on the hob for extra vegetables, it doesn’t matter if there’s only one type of meat does it? Christmas dinner is a glorified Sunday roast, but with added pressure because it’s a day that only comes round once a year so it’s got to be perfect! Well guess what, it probably won’t be like it is on TV and it doesn’t matter!

I spend a lot of time telling people that what we perceive in our minds, we generate in our life. I teach people to think positively and make positive things happen, but we’ve got to be realistic. That attitude is great for helping you to pass your driving test or lose weight. But we cannot control the external world around us to enough of a degree to ensure that with positive thinking everyone enjoys their Christmas presents, and everyone is happy with every other member of their family.

As with everything in life, our goals need to be realistic. Bear that in mind and you can enjoy your Christmas instead of stressing over it.

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