Your Horoscopes for June and July 2019 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

June: We can enjoy an energetic start to June as our radiant Sun and communicative Mercury are both occupying the lively and inquisitive sign of Gemini. Good communication and much needed positive discussion is high on the global agenda. This energy becomes even stronger after the Gemini new moon on the 3rd suggesting that current plans will get an extra boost. The love planet Venus also arrives in Gemini on the 9th, offering excellent opportunities for social activities, meeting up with friends and loved ones and the potential for some outdoor amusements and entertainment. The June full moon in Sagittarius, also known as the Christ moon, falls on the 17th; this is a special lunar phase, bringing blessings and powerful healing energies to all.

July: July brings the sensitive sign of Cancer to the forefront; the month gets going with the revealing new moon in Cancer on the 2nd, offering a time of nostalgia and family connectedness. Energetic Mars arrives in Leo on the same day, this dynamic energy is available to all, highlighting creativity and benefitting optimism, confidence and self-esteem. Throughout the month, goals and plans are favoured, especially spiritual ones. Mercury goes into the retrograde phase on the 8th, a reminder to take care when travelling, signing important documents or making business plans. The full moon in Capricorn on the 16th illuminates the importance of our responsibilities. The love planet Venus arrives in passionate Leo on the 28th – be open and giving in all your relationships, love and romance are now at their peak.


June: June offers exciting potential in financial matters but be sure to review your options carefully before making a big decision. Mars, your ruler, remains in Cancer all month, bringing the gift of heightened imagination and intuition. The Gemini new moon on the 3rd offers breakthroughs in communication.
July: July is the best month to focus on your home and family. The Sun is in the home loving sign of Cancer and the new moon on the 2nd assists with additional energy for new projects. A spectacular aspect between Mars and Jupiter on the 25th suggests major change in your career and social circle.


June: June suggests that your money-making skills are in the spotlight. With Venus in your sign until the 9th this looks like a period of reward. Plans, ideas and all forms of communication get a boost as dynamic Mars powers through a pivotal part of your chart. After the 27th Mercury in Leo offers renewed courage and vitality.
July: Dynamic Mars is stirring up your domestic area during July. This could mean the start of a creative new project as it’s a great time to make ingenious changes to your home. Mercury turning retrograde on the 8th suggests that you may also need some quiet time to focus on you.


June: June is your birthday month and with Venus arriving in your sign on the 9th this could turn out to be just the lucky break that you have been waiting for. You may have more than one superb idea up your sleeve regarding future projects and now is the perfect time to use them. Your new moon on the 3rd brings surprises!
July: Venus arrives in your financial sector on the 4th July, offering a positive opportunity to review your resources and earning potential. Energetic Mars is now travelling through Leo, shining the spotlight on all forms of creative communication. Now is the perfect time to broaden your horizons.


June: June is an important month for Cancerians, the energetic planet Mars remains in your sign all month.  Both high energy and renewed vitality are on offer, be sure to make the most of your gifts as new opportunities advance your strengths. The Gemini new moon on the 3rd encourages your intuition.
July: July is your birthday month as the radiant Sun shines brightly in your sign and is joined by the love planet Venus on the 4th. Be ready for change and a new lease of life, whether in social or professional affairs. Your energy levels should be at their height now, perfect for making long term plans.


June: Relationships may be the most exciting part of your life during June, as a deep friendship, or even a love affair could well be on the cards. The month is full of surprises as abundant Jupiter in Sagittarius ensures that your thinking is expansive and innovative.
July: July the 2nd sees the arrival of dynamic Mars into your sign. Now is the perfect time to take any new opportunity to broaden your horizons and please yourself. Group and teamwork involvements work best for you – with a little help from friends, life can be so much easier!


June: June suggests excitement and new beginnings, as the love planet Venus arrives in Gemini on the 9th. Mars offers a welcome burst of vitality in your financial dealings bringing new opportunities your way. Your home life may prove to be challenging around the Sagittarian full moon on the 17th.
July: July’s new moon in Cancer on the 2nd brings many benefits your way; take the opportunity to relax and just take things easy. You should be able to mix work and domestic life in the best possible way. The Cancerian Sun allows you to use your popularity to make people feel good about themselves.


June: June is all about communication and making new plans for the future. Jupiter paves the way for some brilliant ideas, enhanced by the Sagittarius full moon on the 17th. Your career gets a welcome boost as dynamic Mars highlights the highest point of your chart, joined by Mercury on the 5th.
July: During July the most pivotal sector of your chart is illuminated by the Sun, joined on the 4th by Venus, your ruler.  Be sure to use your incredible drive and energy to accomplish things and don’t be surprised if luck comes your way.  There is also lots of planetary activity on the social scene.


June: The love planet Venus remains in your opposite sign until the 8th, relax and enjoy this opportunity to express yourself in a more optimistic and enthusiastic manner. Energetic Mars is stirring up the adventure sector of your chart, it’s an excellent time to bring plans to a head.
July: July is a busy month, under current trends you may find that financial issues come into clearer focus, you can plan ahead and make suitable gains. Just take care as Mercury goes retrograde after the 8th, checking important documents will be vital to your success.


June: June draws your attention to a powerful full moon in your sign on the 17th, joined by optimistic and abundant Jupiter. You now have the power to make some amazing changes, if you are ready and willing. You’ll be amazed at how productive you can be at this time.
July: The new moon in your financial area on the 2nd July suggests there is work to be done about your plans for the future. The arrival of vibrant Mars in Leo, also on the 2nd, suggests that you‘d rather be considering moving to pastures new and a splendid offer might just come your way.


June: Dynamic Mars is in your opposite sign all through the month as new found courage and determination boost your high profile. These positive current trends show that you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time. Venus in curious and versatile Gemini brings new friends to the forefront.
July: Partnerships and relationships are at the top of your agenda this month. Mars is strong and boosts your energy but be sure to think carefully how best to use it as you don’t want any misunderstandings. The full moon in your sign on the 16th brings a few pleasant surprises.


June: June is the perfect month to be enjoying social activities as the sun shines on new friendships or on a new romance. The 3rd offers a turning point as the Gemini new moon suggests that you bring your deepest needs into focus. Take the opportunity to do something fresh and brand new.
July: The Sun and vibrant Mars are both highlighting work issues during July. Let go of limitations – a lot can be achieved with hard work and determination. The Cancer new moon on the 2nd brings an interesting opportunity your way and you may have to take some unexpected action.


June: Dynamic Mars boosts your confidence during June, particularly around the 13th as it makes an important contact with Neptune, your ruling planet. Try to be clear about what you want as the full moon on the 17th offers a brilliant opportunity for success. Your enthusiasm should be at its peak.
July: The Sun shines brightly in the family sign of Cancer, illuminating a rather romantic area of your chart. As Mars arrives in Leo on the 2nd you may begin to feel impatience concerning an important decision, try to think carefully and take your time. The Capricorn full moon on the 16th brings unexpected clarity.

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