Your Horoscopes for October and November 2019 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

October: October moves the sign of Libra to the forefront. Libra is the sign of the scales and invites concentration and reflection on what needs to be done to find more stability in your life. As the energising planet Mars joins the Sun in Libra on the 4th there is a great opportunity to putting some energy into achieving a balanced life. Mercury and Venus arrive in Scorpio early on in the month ensuring that many of us will take the plunge in search of truth, wisdom and untapped resources. The Aries full moon on the 13th brings a peak in physical energy and enhanced activity, suggesting the drive to find expression in a creative way. The new moon falls in intense Scorpio on the 28th; this can be an emotional time as the mysteries of life intrigue and invite us to delve a little deeper.

November: November puts the deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio into the spotlight; this is your cosmic invitation to review anything in your life that has outlived its purpose and needs shifting. Mercury remains in retrograde motion until the 20th, giving ample time for in depth reflection on the changes that need to be made. Dynamic Mars arrives in Scorpio on the 19th offering great potential to develop your inner warrior and your ability to fight for change and transformation. Venus, the planet of love and romance, enters Sagittarius on the 2nd, chances are that romantic attachments can blossom as they become more passionate and intense. The full moon is in Taurus on the 12th and the New moon is in adventurous Sagittarius on the 26th.


October: An exciting creative opportunity appears to be up for grabs during October as the powerful Aries’ full moon on the 13th challenges you to up your game and reach out to take some risks. Mars arriving in Libra on the 4th may bring a relationship issue into question.
November: Resources and finances are in the spotlight during November as the Scorpio Sun encourages an all-important review. Scorpio Mars demands privacy so it’s best to play a close hand until Mercury goes direct on the 21st. The Sagittarian new moon on the 26th brings refreshing change.


October: October continues with the theme of new friendships. Venus, your planetary ruler, enters the deep and powerful sign of Scorpio on the 9th, drawing your attention to the important things in your life. It may be best to think carefully before you express your opinion.
November: The transformational Scorpio Sun shines a guiding light on all your partnerships and relationships in November. This is a great time to make some changes as you communicate your values and your worth – if those around don’t get it, it’s because it’s time for them to move on.


October: Love and romance are in the spotlight during October as energetic Mars stirs up relationships, particularly after the 4th. Mercury and Venus in deep and intense Scorpio suggest that there might also be some soul searching and decisions to be made concerning work matters.
November: The work and wellbeing angle of your chart is emphasised during November as daily routines and general health become your top priorities. Mercury, your ruler, returns to direct motion after the 21st assuring that things get easier as interesting new opportunities come your way.


October: The powerful Aries full moon on the 13th highlights a career opportunity as your thinking becomes much clearer and you are ready to forge ahead with an important decision. It’s a good time to revise what your unique qualities are and use your imagination and creativity.
November: The Moon, your ruler, starts November in down to earth Capricorn, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart. Saturn and Pluto are in your opposite sign and could create stress and tension caused by a lack of clarity. The way forward becomes much clearer as Mercury turns direct on the 21st.


October: October is looking very positive for communication and negotiations on all levels; your mind should be focussed in order to expand your knowledge. Jupiter enhances your creativity and brings optimism and good luck but be sure not to overstretch yourself.
November: Romance is high on the agenda in November as the love planet arrives in fiery Sagittarius. Abundant Jupiter lends a helping hand and ensures that things go your way this month.  The Taurus full moon on the 12th brings a career issue into the spotlight.


October: Exciting new beginnings are evident as the month commences. Mercury, your ruler, enters Scorpio on the 3rd bringing your attention to what is really important in your life and helping you to ignore and dismiss what is no longer valid. Communication is enhanced with the Scorpio full moon.
November: November shines the light on all forms of thinking and communication. Your mind is focussed as you review the power of your thoughts and eliminate those that are destructive. After the 21st you’ll find the courage to express opinions that you are normally reluctant to express.


October: As Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Scorpio on the 9th all things financial come to the forefront. Creative planning is necessary as you consider new and exciting ways of making money. Mars energises your sign from the 4th, you should find that your vitality improves.
November: November welcomes your ruling planet to the exciting and daring sign of Sagittarius. The urge for adventure and risk taking is strong as plans for new endeavours start to form. Successful interaction and new projects are the main themes to keep you occupied. Confidence is strong as you do things your way.


October: October may turn out to be a rather introspective month, be sure to take care of your physical health as your strength may be drained by over-stretching yourself. The Scorpio new moon on the 28th changes the energy as you make a path for new projects to be initiated.
November: November is your birthday month and it offers the start of a brand new cycle of transformation and personal growth. Dynamic Mars enters your sign on the 19th, ensuring the perfect opportunity to be more assertive as you step up into a more important role. The new moon on the 26th could see a lucky breakthrough.


October: This month might bring some uncertainty as the reflective and self-examining area of your chart is highlighted. Steer your energy towards realistic targets that can be completed with hard work.  The powerful Scorpio new moon on the 28th brings an important breakthrough.
November: November is super charged as Jupiter and Venus in your sign make their presence felt. The full moon on the 12th brings an important work related issue to the surface and then your own powerful new moon on the 26th ensures that your long held dreams and aspirations finally take shape.


October: October suggests there is a challenge to your work and career situation as enthusiastic Mars moves into a confrontational position. Try not to give in to unnecessary self-criticism as your task is to balance logic with imagination. Opportunities arrive on the Scorpio new moon.
November: The Sun is powerful during November, stirring up anything to do with friendships and group endeavours. Romance is also favoured as dynamic Mars moves into passionate Scorpio on the 19th, increasing the chances of a meeting with someone new.


October: This month emphasises the importance of making plans for further education, adventure and travel. Your life goals are highlighted and the powerful new moon in Scorpio on the 28th facilitates new projects that require your concentration and endurance.
November: Scorpio Mercury turns direct on the 21st, so you may not have to be so persistent to be clearly understood in your business dealings. An important breakthrough involving close friends comes around the time of the Sagittarian new moon on the 26th.


October: This month highlights the need for balance and stability in your investments, finances and resources. Mercury and Venus arrive in intense Scorpio during the second week and both planets favour the discussion of matters that are usually kept hidden.
November: Favourable Jupiter at the highest point in your chart makes a challenging aspect to innovative Uranus; you’ll need to stay wide awake and attentive to any new prospects that suddenly appear. The new moon in Sagittarius on the 26th offers exciting opportunities and opens your mind to new horizons.

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