Your Horoscopes for June and July 2020 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

As I write this I have no idea if the lockdown will be over, it’s looking like a phased exit strategy will be announced soon. I’m sure we all hope so, as it has been such a difficult and challenging time for us all and we are longing to see family and friends.

June: June brings the zodiac sign of Gemini to the forefront, spring is at its height and Gemini is the sign of curiosity, socialising and fun. The Sun and Venus are together in this sign, urging us all to absorb new information, to connect and have new experiences. Of course, if we are still confined to our homes this will have to continue to be done remotely. Dynamic Mars remains in intuitive Pisces nearly all month, aligning with spiritual Neptune on the 13th. Mars in this sign is the champion of the underdog and the abandoned; it could mark a period where people feel even more compelled to action by the challenging issues facing the world we now live in. The moon is full in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius on the 5th and the new moon culminates in Cancer on the 21st, one day after the summer solstice on the 20th. June and July see two new moons in Cancer, astrologically known as a double new moon. Cancer is the sign of the family and our household, both these new moons bring new beginnings and optimism about our nearest and dearest, our comfort and security.

July: Action-packed Mars is powering through Aries all month, in some ways we may be back to being busy again and getting frustrated and angry that things are not as they were before – be patient and try to use this time for revisiting anything that might need adjusting. Venus, the goddess of love and relationships, is in playful Gemini all month, she offers some excellent opportunities for romantic encounters and all kinds of joyous relationships. The full moon is in Capricorn on the 5th, emphasising the importance of reviewing things, we still have a long way to go! The second new moon in Cancer on the 20th suggests opportunities for new beginnings and breakthroughs. Sensitive Cancer is the sign of the family and of the past, important adjustments in the home can be viewed in a different light and tackled successfully.


June: It’s all change for new beginnings in June as the Sun and Venus are closely linked in restless Gemini, suggesting that some exciting and innovative communication is about to begin. Mars, your ruler, rides the waves in the emotional sign of Pisces, you may find deep feelings are coming to the surface and they’ll need expressing.
July: July offers a completely different energy as dynamic Mars is now in your sign; try not to be too impatient, use this month wisely to review your energy levels, particularly where friendships are concerned. With Venus in chatty Gemini all month, your communication skills are at their best.


June: This month gives you the opportunity to make some important changes in your financial dealings, you could pick up some really good ideas about making and managing your money in a more profitable way. The Cancer new moon on the 21st offers a breakthrough in all areas of communication.
July: During July your home and family are positively highlighted. The Sun and Mercury in Cancer suggest positive energy for intuitive and creative new ways of thinking. The new moon in sensitive Cancer on the 20th brings a new project into focus and help may arrive from unexpected quarters.


June: June suggests that the coming together of Mars and Neptune in your career sector could offer an entirely new way of working; you should be feeling energetic as these planets open up your intuition and bring you some amazing insights. Enjoy the peaceful new moon in Cancer on the 21st, it looks encouraging!
July: July brings a different kind of energy to the forefront as the way you communicate comes into focus. The Sun and Mercury ask that you look at the way you value yourself and examine creative new ways of increasing your earning potential. Now is the perfect time to reach out and be bold.


June: Mercury is in your sign and offers the prospect of taking up intellectual interests and expanding your horizons. Mars and Neptune encourage you to learn new things and go places that you have never been before. The Cancer new moon on the 21st could be a turning point for better times.
July: July is your birthday month, enjoy as new and exciting opportunities are strongly highlighted. Jupiter is in strong alignment with transformational Pluto illuminating love and partnerships. The new moon in your sign on the 20th marks a turning point and you’ll feel a strong drive to improve your life on many different levels.


June: The Strong Gemini energy in June offers lots of social activity, although most of that may still be confined to the internet. Being a creative sign, you’ll find wonderful new ways of contacting others and bring them joy and encouragement. Mercury in Cancer is strengthening your intuition, an excellent skill to have.
July: July might turn out to be a rather introspective month for normally outgoing Leo. You’ll be working on new ideas and as unpredictable Uranus makes an innovative aspect to Mercury, chances are that you may have to rethink a career move. The Cancer new moon on the 20th offers up an opportunity to work behind the scenes.


June: June puts your goals and your ambition into the spotlight, what have you learned over the past few challenging months? Now is the time to use your new-found confidence and positive thinking to get the very best out of social endeavours. The Sagittarian full moon on the 5th brings a domestic issue to the surface.
July: July brings renewed vigour as expansive Jupiter joins with transformational Pluto in the romance sector of your chart. A relationship that has been on hold can be reviewed and there is opportunity to advance in a positive way. The Capricorn full moon on the 5th indicates that it’s time to put something firmly behind you.


June: June puts the emphasis on your health and wellbeing. Mars and Neptune, both in intuitive Pisces suggest new ways for broadening your horizons and learning new things. An exciting adventure is about to begin, take each opportunity as it comes. The Cancer new moon on the 21st offers a breakthrough.
July: The Gemini Sun and business minded Mercury occupy the highest point of your chart, emphasising your goals and the importance of planning ahead and making long lasting changes. Another Cancer new moon in this area pushes home the fact that new beginnings are absolutely ready for take-off.


June: June shines the spotlight on finances and resources, the Sun and Venus suggest that some adjustments will need to be made and you should now have the courage to get things moving. The Cancer new moon on the 21st is looking very exciting – be alert to a sudden swing in fortune.
July: Energetic Mars in dynamic Aries emphasises the importance of staying focussed on the task at hand. Pluto and Jupiter put a strong planetary emphasis on the way you communicate the plans about your career and your goals. The new moon in Cancer on the 20th enables you to broaden your horizons.


June: Your home and family are important during this month as dynamic Mars and intuitive Neptune come together on the 13th, some questions arise and it’s time to discover inspirational new ways forward. Relationships are favoured this month as the Sun and Venus both shine a positive light.
July: The full moon in down to earth Capricorn on the 5th puts your finances firmly in the picture. Jupiter and Pluto, both strong in this sign, are suggesting some excellent opportunities for you to make money. The intuitive Cancer new moon on the 20th focusses on resources, indicating that you need to be much clearer about where your ultimate goal is taking you.


June: June is all about friends and social interaction (probably mainly virtually). Energetic Mars joins mystical Neptune and the powerful Gemini energy all set the scene for the winds of change to blow away any cobwebs in your social and romantic life. The Cancerian new moon on the 21st brings an excellent opportunity your way.
July: The radiant Sun and communicative Mercury join together in illuminating the relationship area of your chart, they are both prompting you to go after what you truly desire. The love planet Venus is chatty and flirty in Gemini and an important issue comes to the forefront around the Cancer new moon on the 20th


June: June looks like romance is on the cards, as the Gemini Sun and relationship planet Venus are strong in this area of your chart. Mercury, in intuitive Cancer, suggests new insight on a project you have been working on. The Cancer new moon and the summer solstice both offer a new dimension to your life.
July: Dynamic Mars powers through the communication area of your chart all month, this has you feeling particularly energetic and you may finally be in a position to demand something that you have been after for a long time. Mercury and the Sun form a potent alignment to boost your personal objectives.


June: June is an important month as energetic Mars powers on through your sign. The powerful Mars-Neptune conjunction on the 13th is a particular turning point as your insight and intuition are at their height. Now is the perfect time to absorb new information, connect with others and enjoy some wonderful new experiences.
July: New encounters, love and romance are all in the spotlight for July as planetary trends suggest that a deeply rewarding time is coming your way. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the lighter side of life as interesting social opportunities arrive from unexpected directions. The Cancer new moon on the 20th assist your relationship plans to move forward in a much more positive way.

NAVIGATE YOUR WAY THROUGH these challenging times, discover your unique birth map and take a refreshing new look at the months ahead. Be more positive and plan with in-depth knowledge and cosmic awareness.  Tune into your highest potential and be alerted to when positive and productive planetary cycles are working in your favour. Consultations are available on Skype or telephone, please contact me for more information.

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