Your Horoscopes for February and March 2021 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

February: February moves the humanitarian sign of Aquarius to the forefront, the energy becoming more powerful at the new moon on the 11th. This potent new moon encourages independence and visionary thinking and asks us to examine how and where we can offer help and support to others at this pivotal time in humanity. This new moon also ushers in the Chinese New Year, 2021 is the year of the hardworking Metal Ox. According to tradition, this is a year when we will fully feel the weight of our responsibilities, and it will be necessary to double our efforts to accomplish our goals. Dynamic Mars is in down to earth Taurus all month, this placement offers excellent opportunities to fine tune and advance any practical projects. Mercury moves direct on the 21st, business matters and all forms of communication should start to get easier now. The love planet Venus is in unpredictable Aquarius mid-February, suggesting that Valentine’s Day could bring some unexpected surprises! The full moon arrives in Virgo on the 27th.

March: March starts out with a mystical flavour as the Sun, Venus and Neptune are joined together in gentle Pisces, offering a mild and magical energy that suggests a kinder and more spiritual outlook on the world stage. Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are joined in the innovative sign of Aquarius, offering hope and optimism for better times to come. Dynamic Mars moves from down to earth Taurus to light-hearted Gemini on the 4th, plenty of opportunities to see things differently and work in new and unusual ways. The Spring Equinox falls on the morning of the 20th, day and night are equal and we should all start to feel that spring is well on its way. The new moon is in Pisces on the 13th and the full moon is in Libra on the 28th.


February: Pioneering Mars remains strong in your financial area all through February, suggesting that some excellent opportunities for innovative new ventures to boost your earnings will be coming your way. Venus arrives in Aquarius on the 2nd emphasising the fact that group projects and new connections will thrive.
March: The magical alignment of Neptune, Venus and the Sun in the most intuitive sector of your chart presents exciting opportunities for you and your career, particularly at the Pisces new moon on the 13th. Creative new insight brings your personal charisma to new heights as new prospects are very well favoured.


February: February opens up opportunities for furthering your career or any goals that you have planned. Strong Aquarian energy is at the highpoint of your year and now is the time for keeping an open mind. The individualistic new moon on the 11th is particularly important for forging ahead with creative projects.
March: Venus, your planetary ruler, spends most of March in mystical Pisces, highlighting friendships and group endeavours. Unexpected people can suddenly arrive in your life, reach out as they are there for a reason. Dynamic Mars arrives in Gemini on the 4th bringing those breakthrough moments that you have been waiting for.


February: February suggests that the pull to broaden your horizons and take up a new line of study becomes stronger than ever. Energetic Mars remains in practical Taurus all month and should help you to make some long-lasting decisions. The pioneering Aquarian new moon on the 11th ensures that you have some innovative new ideas to increase your prospects.
March: A spectacular alignment of the Sun, Venus and the planet Neptune highlight the highest point of your chart this month, all suggesting an excellent opportunity for intuitive and creative thinking. Power planet Mars arrives in your sign on the 4th signifying your confidence will now be at its height.


February: Finances, resources and investments are all under review this month, take time out to make new plans as dynamic Mars highlights your career prospects and ensures that the time is right to take the plunge and begin a brand new project. The powerful Aquarian new moon on the 11th offers a turning point – expect the unexpected!
March: The new moon in Pisces on 13th March illuminates learning, study and generally broadening your horizons. This is a good time to review a cherished dream and start to plan your best way forward. Mars arriving in Gemini on the 4th looks set to kick start a new romantic encounter.


February: Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury all occupy your opposite sign during February, emphasising the fact that you need to address any difficulties in your relationships. The Aquarian new moon on the 11th throws some light on an issue that’s been troubling you for a while and a solution comes into view.
March: Your funds, assets and resources are in the spotlight this month as the powerful Venus/Sun/Neptune configuration bring financial matters to a head. This strong Pisces energy offers you vision, intuition and optimism which should make a vital difference to your current situation.


February: February offers some big changes to your wellbeing and to your day to day living; be on the lookout for some important new information related to your plans. This is a good time for restructuring a nutritional review as new ideas come to the surface, particularly around the full moon in your sign on the 27th.
March: Relationships and partnerships are your focus for March as the Sun/Venus conjunction enables you to reflect on your progress so far. Your ruling planet Mercury approaches beneficial Jupiter in Aquarius, offering a much clearer picture of your way forward. The Pisces new moon on the 13th emphasises your intuitive ability.


February: Some new and exciting creative opportunities are suggested during February as Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury all occupy this important area of your chart. Romantic encounters are also in strong focus, particularly around the time of the Aquarian new moon on the 11th – just in time for an exciting Valentine’s Day.
March: Venus, your ruler, is in mystical Pisces for most of March, illuminating the spiritual and creative dimension of your work or hobbies. The most important thing is for you to trust your intuition and stay true to yourself. The full moon in your sign on the 28th demands that you follow your heart and pursue your ambitions.


February: Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius are collectively emphasising your home and family life. Radical change could now be on the horizon, particularly around the new moon on the 11th.  Mars is in your opposite sign all month, avoid rash decisions and go with caution and deliberation.
March: The radiant Sun, the love planet Venus and mystical Neptune are all highlighting the love and romance sector of your chart. These influential cosmic indicators show that your powers of attraction are strong and you should have no trouble finding just the right company to keep you content.


February: February’s exciting Aquarian new moon on the 11th highlights all types of communication and gives you extra powers of persuasion for reaching your goals. Dynamic Mars continues on through practical Taurus all month, enhancing your organisational skills and personal resourcefulness.
March: Mars arrives in quick thinking Gemini on the 4th indicating that this is an exceptionally dynamic time, be sure to make the most of a powerful surge of determination, particularly in any relationship matters. After the Libra full moon on the 28th, unexpected contacts bring some good news your way.


February: Power planet Mars remains in Taurus all month, stirring up matters of the heart and suggesting that a new love interest may be appearing on the horizon soon. The exciting Aquarian new moon on the 11th arrives in your financial area and suggests that some great opportunities are coming your way.
March: An abundance of planetary activity in your communication sector suggests that this is the time to back your hunches and take chances in life. Prepare to view things in an entirely different way as your intuition takes over from your normal logical approach. Opportunities arise after the 4th as Mars changes signs.


February: February is your birthday month and with so much planetary activity in your sign this is bound to be a unique month, particularly around the time of your new moon on the 11th. The Virgo full moon on the 27th highlights finances and resources, use your analytical abilities and problem-solving skills to make important changes.
March: March suggests that love and romance are in the spotlight, particularly after the 4th as power planet Mars ignites these areas of your chart and an important choice comes to light. Venus arrives in Aries on the 22nd giving you the opportunity to make some bold decisions.


February: Power planet Mars and innovative Uranus are strong in your communication area this month; you should feel the urge to push ahead and review career matters with new-found confidence and courage. After the 21st Mercury moves direct, and the way ahead starts to look so much clearer.
March: The potent conjunction of the radiant Sun and the love planet Venus in your sign suggests that this is a unique month for romantic encounters and making your dreams come true. Creativity and intuition are also at their highpoint as you start to view events from a new perspective, particularly after the Libra full moon on the 28th.

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