Your Horoscopes for February and March 2020 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

February: February moves the innovative sign of Aquarius to the forefront and the focus is on community and working with others to benefit society. February is also the month for Love, and the love planet won’t disappoint as she moves from gentle Pisces to fiery Aries on the 8th. Get ready for Valentine’s Day, passion is in the air – dare to be daring in all things romantic!  Mercury arrives in watery Pisces on the 3rd, this is a deeply intuitive placement and perception and sensitivity should be at an all-time high. Warrior planet Mars enters practical Capricorn on the 16th, giving the already powerful mix of Saturn/Pluto an energetic and confrontational boost. The full moon is in Leo on the 9th and the sensitive Piscean new moon falls on the 23rd.

March: March brings a completely new cosmic energy as stern Saturn arrives in the innovative sign of Aquarius on the 22nd, Saturn has not been in this sign since 1994. We will all feel the volatile impact of Uranus ruled Aquarius as we question the boundaries we have created in our life and begin the process of restructuring them. Rather than holding on to old habits, we should become more interested in experimenting and breaking free from whatever the status quo has been. Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn in July but for now it’s all change. Venus moves into Taurus on the 5th, just as nature beckons and the first signs of spring are on their way. The full moon is on the 9th in Pisces and the new moon in Aries falls on the 24th, just a few days after the spring equinox on the 20th.


February: February starts off with a rather introspective mood for fiery Aries, as the dreamy sign of Pisces is strong in your chart. The pace picks up after the 8th as Venus arrives in your own sign. The full moon on the 9th pushes your creativity to the limits as some important behind the scenes work can now be achieved.
March: Dynamic Mars, your ruler, dominates the most pivotal part of your chart. Joining Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter this strong planetary activity is aimed at making personal freedom and self-assertion more important than ever before. The powerful new moon in your sign on the 24th may bring some tough choices.


February: February gets off to a wild start as the moon in your sign connects with irrational Uranus, sparks may fly and as Jupiter makes positive aspects you should feel a lot more buoyant than usual. The Leo full moon on the 9th brings some domestic issues to your attention, a creative solution will need to be found.
March: Demanding Saturn arrives at the highest point of your chart, over the next few years you will be challenged like never before. Optimistic Jupiter highlights your soul journey and the many things that still have to be accomplished. Love planet Venus enters your sign on the 5th, enabling you to get those new plans underway.


February: The Leo full moon on 9th February brings creative new ideas to the forefront as you put your points of view across where they are most needed. The radiant Aquarian Sun highlights your wandering spirit as you plan for new adventures; faraway places beckon and a new form of education or training becomes apparent.
March: Mercury, your ruling planet, returns to direct motion on the 10th, you can breathe a sigh of relief as your life returns to normal!  Finances and resources are in the spotlight this month. Keep yourself focussed as you have the power to be very persuasive in any negotiations; this should turn out to be a profitable and productive month.


February: Venus arrives at the highest point of your chart on February 8th, just in time for Valentine’s Day. A new relationship can help you to capitalise on your talents and give you the incentive to push yourself forward. Trust in yourself and be courageous! The gentle Pisces new moon on the 23rd highlights your gift of intuition.
March: March suggests that relationships are very important this month, as a heavy planetary emphasis in this area of your chart restores your sense of optimism and courage, particularly with a certain someone. Your renewed confidence enables you to push ideas forward. The Aries new moon on the 24th is a marvellous energy boost, possibilities are endless!


February: The full moon in your sign on 9th February looks very favourable for turning ideas into reality. The arrival of Mars into Capricorn on the 16th brings you fresh insight and offers an interesting and exciting new work opportunity. Even where delays occur you can find some excellent alternative solutions.
March: March sees the arrival of demanding Saturn in your opposite sign. This new cycle may sharpen your intuition and judgement, making you more receptive to new ideas. Remember that it is best to rely on facts rather than feelings. You should be able to turn personal or professional situations to your advantage.


February: This a great month to enjoy the company of a colleague, partner or close friend. Your ability to focus and make vital decisions is enhanced. The arrival of dynamic Mars into practical Capricorn encourages challenge and change, assuring that it’s the right time to bring your latest plans to a head.
March: The full moon in your sign on the 9th helps you to apply your energies to constructive pursuits. The Sun, Mercury and Neptune are all prominent around this time and highlight inspirational and intuitive experiences. New and exciting ideas to push you forwards occur at the spring equinox on the 20th.


February: February is all about love for Venus ruled Librans and this could turn out to be a high spirited and romantic time when most things in your life go as expected, although there may be some nice surprises! The intuitive and spiritual new moon in Pisces on the 23rd brings a quiet period of reflection.
March: The month’s events hinge around Venus, your ruling planet, arriving in the most resourceful area of your chart on the 5th. Be sure to talk to partners and colleagues about the bigger issues and dig deep to unearth new truths. The Equinox on the 20th shows that freedom and individuality are more important than ever.


February: February is all about you looking after yourself; Mercury and Neptune shine in the gentle and tender sign of Pisces, illuminating the need for you to take some time out to recharge your batteries. Mars changes sign on the 16th, offering the opportunity for self-development and consideration of long-term plans.
March: This month’s planetary activity turns your attention to communicating trust and intuition, by doing this you’ll benefit most from a harmonious atmosphere. Saturn enters your domestic area on the 22nd, you can use your organisational skills to perform everyday jobs and plan your schedule in a more efficient way.


February: Communications with family and loved ones are looking positive, making this a good time for domestic planning and making new changes to your home. Creativity, love and abundance are also on the agenda, particularly after the 8th as Venus changes sign. Your vitality should be at an all-time high, but take time out for rest and relaxation.
March: March is dominated by a restructure of your personal finances and earning capacity. As strict Saturn arrives in Aquarius on the 22nd you’ll find that if you stick to your plans you have a really good chance of succeeding. The Aries new moon on the 24th suggests that a long-term creative project can finally get underway.


February: Your home and family are important this month, expect some challenges as Venus arrives in Aries on the 8th. Money issues may now improve, in some cases, with little effort on your part. Financial security may be something you make a success of. The new moon on the 23rd offers intuitive communication.
March: Saturn, your ruler, arrives at the financial area of your chart on the 22nd. Challenges and change are on offer and you’ll need to make some important decisions; guard against making too many sacrifices in the name of duty. The Equinox on the 20th will reveal more about changes of the inevitable kind. Romance comes in to focus after the 5th.


February: February illuminates the financial sector of your chart, trusting your instincts could leave you rather comfortably off, particularly as the new moon on the 23rd uncovers a previously untapped area. Now you can determine what kinds of changes need to be made to make life more exciting and successful.
March: March is a very important month as Saturn arrives in your sign on the 22nd. It’s not a bad thing at all since Saturn is one of your ruling planets. For wacky and rebellious Aquarius your ancient ruler can bring you some much needed stability and serenity. Inspirational energy can peak and structuring and assessing your life goals becomes a major theme.


February: A higher profile may lead to you being in the right place at the right time regarding a career matter. Most work developments are favourably highlighted just now. By mid-month you’ll find that any recent delays you’ve experienced will start to disappear. Venus challenges you to think differently about how you value yourself.
March: The powerful full moon in your opposite sign of Virgo on the 9th brings much needed clarity and focus into many areas of your life. This is a time for illuminating new beginnings, particularly where love and romance are concerned. Venus and Mars are both in practical earth signs, time to be decisive!

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