YOUR HOROSCOPES for February and March 2015 by Christine Chalklin

What’s happening in the Cosmos in February 2015?

Enjoy a beautiful celestial start to the month with a spectacular alignment between mystical Neptune and the love planet Venus. This couldn’t be better energy for the romantic time leading up to Valentine’s Day on the 14th! Mercury, the messenger planet, is still in retrograde motion until the 12th – as always with this phase, please do take care with all things relating to communication and travel.  Motivational Mars becomes much more energetic after the 20th as he launches himself into his own sign of Aries. There is a powerful full moon in Leo on the 3rd illuminating and encouraging us all to get our creative projects underway. The new moon in Aquarius on the 18th is the perfect time to let your innovative and quirky ideas come to the forefront. Chinese New Year begins on the 19th and in 2015 we welcome in the year of the Sheep or Goat. Traditionally this is nurturing feminine energy, representing a symbol of tranquillity, peace and harmonious co-existence. Connecting with harmonious vibrations will be very welcome considering the volatile times ahead.

What’s happening in the Cosmos in March 2015?

March may well turn out to be a turbulent and volatile month. The heavens are in battle mode starting with Mars, the warrior planet, in excitable and impulsive Aries. Mars aligns with unpredictable Uranus on the 11th and the final Pluto/Uranus stand-off completes on the 17th. These aspects stir up passions and the need for freedom from repression; they will most likely show themselves globally by igniting the flames of rebellion. Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into gentle Pisces on the 13th, hopefully bringing a more spiritual and humanitarian outlook to world problems. Venus, the love planet, moves into Taurus on the 17th highlighting an awareness of the joys of Spring and the urge to go out and enjoy nature. The full moon is in Virgo on the 5th and the new moon solar eclipse and the Spring Equinox both fall on the 20th.


February: This month is a rather introspective time for fiery Aries as the dreamy sign of Pisces is strong in your chart. The pace picks up after the 20th as your ruling planet leaves Pisces for your own sign. The full moon on the 3rd pushes your creativity to the limits, some important behind the scenes work can be achieved now.

March: The powerful Venus/Mars alignment in your sign brings your personal charisma to fabulous new heights this month. The Maverick planet Uranus is also involved in this planetary set-up, be prepared for exciting or sudden changes in your life. The Solar eclipse and Equinox both make the 20th a very important day.


February: Venus your ruling planet is in romantic and intuitive Pisces until the 21st. You’ll find that you are very receptive to nostalgia concerning friends and your family. Towards the end of the month your romantic and social life should become much more exciting and interesting – enjoy! 

March: Venus, your planetary ruler, is in close alignment with feisty Mars at the start of the month. You may encounter unexpected setbacks and delays, take it easy – it won’t last long. The celestial events of the 20th should bring those breakthrough moments that you have been waiting for.


February: Progress in general may be sluggish, be sure to get some rest and prepare for the planetary shifts from the 12th onwards as your ruler moves forward again. The Aquarian new moon on the 18th is an important one for you, allowing you to tap into the spirit of new and exciting adventures.

March: A spectacular alignment of the Sun and the planet Neptune highlight the career angle of your chart this month, allowing scope for creative thinking. Mercury, your ruler, enters mystical Pisces on the 17th, a cherished vision or a dream can now successfully be put into action.


February: The travel and adventure sector of your chart is in the spotlight this month, and you’ll find yourself feeling quite restless and ready to make some important plans and decisions. The Leo full moon on the 3rd highlights your finances and lucky Jupiter could bring some surprises.

March: The full moon in Virgo on the 5th puts all forms of communication and interaction into the spotlight. This is a good time for professional relationships to run more harmoniously; so put your main focus on career matters and ambitions. Exciting new ideas can boost your personal objectives.


February: The full moon in your sign on the 3rd indicates that February will be an intense time with close relationships in focus. Some past issues need to be dealt with so that you can let go of outmoded situations and profit from a sense of resolve when it comes to getting things done.

March: Funds and assets are in the spotlight this month as the Sun/Neptune configuration brings financial matters to a head. The first half of March is particularly exciting as lucky Jupiter in your sign contacts unpredictable Uranus. You need to go with your intuition as interesting offers come your way.


February: Relationships and partnerships are the main focus of the month as both Venus and Mars occupy this important area of your chart. This influence may draw just the right people to your circle and as Mercury, your ruling planet, gathers speed after the 12th things become much clearer.

March: The full moon in your sign on the 5th opens the door to exciting new opportunities in the financial sector of your chart. Your personal charisma is running at a high level, be sure to maximise your potential with effective communication and use your powers of persuasion.


February: Venus, your ruling planet, draws your attention to creative projects and with the Aquarian Sun highlighting the artistic and imaginative sector of your chart, your ideas can really flow in the right direction. The powerful Leo full moon on the 3rd is likely to bring some exciting possibilities your way.

March: Venus, your ruler, is in close configuration with the powerful and warrior like Mars.  Personal effectiveness and physical energy is now at a premium; you’ll be amazed at how productive you can be this month. Don’t miss any opportunity, follow your heart and pursue your ambitions.


February: Optimism and positive thinking should make a vital difference to your current plans and help things to go your way. Reflect on your progress so far, take stock and put major decisions on hold until after the 12th when Mercury moves forward and you have a clearer picture of the way forward.

March: The radiant Sun and mystical Neptune are highlighting the love and romance sector of your chart. Creative talent is also favoured; the more you express yourself the happier you will be. The powerful new moon in Aries on the 20th brings up some exciting new opportunities.


February: Your home and your family are in the spotlight this month with both Mars and Venus illuminating this area of your chart. The full moon on the 3rd is important and the key to happiness, especially in personal relationships, comes from just being yourself and letting the world know who you are. 

March: Venus and Mars are cuddling up in the love and romance sector of your chart this month. This is an exceptionally dynamic time and you can make the most of a powerful surge of self-confidence. After the Aries new moon and the equinox on the 20th unexpected contacts bring good news your way.


February: Money making plans should be assisted under the current planetary trends and you should be full of creative ideas. The Aquarian new moon on the 18th heralds a potentially lucrative period with optimism and confidence at its peak where you can make a powerful impact on others.

March: Your home and domestic life are the focus of the month as elements of your personal life keep you preoccupied. Try to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements, particularly around the 11th as fiery Mars in Aries contacts the volatile and unpredictable Uranus.


February: The Sun is in your sign and this is the month to reap the rewards of positive past actions and events. Mercury is still retrograde in Aquarius until the 12th, bringing just the right energy to lay the ground work for future success. Your new moon on the 18th is a pivotal time for exciting new beginnings.

March: With five planets occupying the financial and communication areas of your chart, this could prove to be a very exciting month. Significant optimism means that you can forge ahead with your personal ambition; interesting opportunities and new contacts will appear from unexpected quarters.


February: The spectacular Venus/Neptune alignment is in your sign at the start of the month, and motivational Mars is also there until the 20th, indicating that February is an important month for personal relationships. You may feel extra sensitive right now, so take care not to take offence where none is meant.

March: The three planet line-up in your financial sector means that a review is now long overdue. Mars, Venus and Uranus are all in Aries, demanding that you look at things from an entirely new perspective. The 20th is a key date for you to welcome in some innovative and beneficial change

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