Your Horoscopes for December 2019 and January 2020 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

My best wishes to all for a joyous and magical festive season and a wonderfully successful and Happy New Year.

December: December is all about the mighty planet Jupiter arriving in Capricorn on the 3rd. Jupiter was last in this sign in 2008 and from past experience we might understand that this transit will bring our attention to material values, finances and the establishment. On a personal level it’s essential to make well-thought-out plans rather than follow spontaneous impulses; if you cultivate a mature perspective you should do well. This year’s winter solstice, the shortest day in our hemisphere, arrives on the 22nd making way for the start of lengthening days. The full moon is in Gemini on the 12th and the Capricorn new moon arrives over the festive season on the 26th.

January: The New Year starts off with five planets in the practical and down-to-earth sign of Capricorn. As in 2019, this year continues to be action packed with responsibility and accountability. Capricorn rules the government, the financial system and everything to do with the establishment. With Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all in this sign we can expect turbulence and deep transformational changes in all of these areas. Dynamic Mars arrives in Sagittarius on the 3rd, this placement is energetic and powerful, hopefully giving us a positive vision of how the future might look. Venus arrives in Pisces on the 14th, offering compassionate optimism regarding some of these changes and a chance to be more intuitive and spiritual in our dealings with others. Maverick planet Uranus returns to direct motion on the 11th, this erratic and unpredictable energy will intensify the changes going on around us. The full moon in Cancer is on the 10th and the new moon in Aquarius falls on the 24th.

2020 will be a year of great change, please contact me if you would like to take a look at your personal cosmic map and find out how to make the most of the challenges and the opportunities!


December: Jupiter arrives at your career angle on 3rd December, big changes surround you now and you may need to sweep out the old in order to create space for exciting new prospects. The powerful Capricorn new moon on the 26th ensures that optimism is strong.
January: Your goals and highest ambitions are in the spotlight during this month, planning for what will turn out to be a transformational year can begin immediately. Dynamic Mars, your ruler, is strong in Sagittarius and offers excellent opportunities for you to take advantage of working with innovative groups of people.


December: Finances and resources arrive in the spotlight as the radiant Sun brings some necessary but positive re-structuring to the surface. After the 3rd, flamboyant Jupiter aligns with Venus offering some innovative ideas that will broaden your horizons.
January: Travel and exciting new adventures are in the spotlight this month as you plan your year ahead. Your ego could receive a boost and the chances of you finding personal fulfilment in romance are strong. The full moon on the 10th challenges the way you communicate, and this could trigger an exciting opportunity.


December: Finances are in the spotlight, not only for December but for the year ahead, as Jupiter arriving in Capricorn reveals that a reassessment is needed. Venus in Capricorn until the 19th helps with positivity. Be practical and optimistically cautious as you push yourself forward.
January: Finances and resources continue to dominate the month as five planets line up in this important area of your chart. Expansive Jupiter, recently arrived in practical Capricorn, offers the opportunity to make some grand, far reaching plans. Your ideas can now take off as you put your point of view across where it is most needed.


December: Romance looks lively during December as dynamic Mars in sexy Scorpio dominates your chart. Unpredictable Uranus shines a powerful light on your socialising but do keep your options open! A financial opportunity comes your way around the 20th.
January: Dynamic Mars arrives in your wellbeing sector on the 3rd, this is the perfect time for a complete review and overhaul of all things to do with your health and daily living. An important relationship can help you to capitalise on your talents and push yourself forward. Trust in yourself and be courageous.


December: Events in December hinge around optimistic and expansive Jupiter arriving in practical Capricorn for a one year stay. This paves the way for the expansion of your creative ideas backed up with some solid foundations. A romantic opportunity could arrive after the 20th.
January: As forceful Mars in Sagittarius is now active in the romance sector of your chart there are promising signs that love and romance are on the way. The planets are also looking very favourable for assisting you with turning ideas into reality and the Capricorn new moon on the 24th brings you fresh insight.


December: December highlights all things to do with your home, it looks like a rewarding time for family life in general as the domestic sphere holds some new appeal. The full moon in Gemini on the 12th stirs up your curiosity and your desire to experience something new.
January: Five planets are gathered in the love and romance sector of your chart, this bodes extremely well for a fun filled month!  Energetic Mars arrives in open minded Sagittarius on the 3rd putting the spotlight on domestic issues. The Cancerian full moon on the 10th encourages challenge and change, this might be the right time to bring plans to a head.


December: Enthusiastic Mars in intuitive Scorpio is stirring up the financial angle of your chart during December. Expansive Jupiter offers innovative ways to boost your earning potential as you apply your energies to constructive pursuits. Home is in the spotlight after the 20th.
January: Dynamic Mars is strong in your communication sector this month, success that you have been working hard for may now appear. You can afford to be more decisive and put some faith into what you are doing. The Aquarian new moon on the 24th can bring the start of an exciting new friendship or romance.


December: Mighty Jupiter arrives in a pivotal position on 3rd December, possibly highlighting a period of gain. The emphasis is on how you communicate your ideas to others. The Capricorn new moon on the 26th offers an opportunity for making long term plans.
January: Jupiter and Mercury are strong in Capricorn both offering alternatives to help you reach a more secure career position. You will need to stay flexible about the future and be prepared to change your plans. The full moon on the 10th illuminates the need to have some time out to recharge your batteries.


December: December is your birthday month and as Jupiter, your ruler, spends the last few days in your sign it’s important to take stock on how successful you have been over the past year. The emphasis is now on how you value yourself and making sure that you stay positive.
January: This is the month to maximise your potential and put your powers of judgement to the test. With so many planets in ambitious Capricorn you should see the culmination of an ambitious project. Powerful Mars enters your sign on the 3rd, vitality should be at all time high but be sure to make time for rest and relaxation.


December: December sees mighty Jupiter arriving in your sign for a one year stay. This important cosmic event ensures that some great achievements are possible. Saturn and Pluto, both in your sign, add potency to this dynamic, bringing you a sense of deep transformation.
January: Dynamic Mars is strong in the most intuitive and sensitive area of your chart. Career opportunities could come out of nowhere as you leave recent problems behind and win the recognition that you deserve; trust your instincts and you can’t go wrong. The full moon on the 10th could bring an exciting meeting.


December: Bountiful Jupiter arrives in the most introspective area of your chart on 3rd December. Your sensitivity, empathy and intuition are at their peak and your main objectives may involve helping and serving others. Be ready for change and a new lease of life.
January: Your close relationships get off to a good start this month as the Moon and Neptune are closely aligned in romantic Pisces.  Mercury arrives in your sign on the 17th highlighting your need to be successful in career matters; be sure to take full advantage of this chance to usher in a whole new era of confidence and certainty.


December: It’s all change during December as expansive Jupiter changes sign and nudges you toward a more colourful social life. Romance is on the cards as Venus arrives in unpredictable Aquarius on the 20th. Group and teamwork involvements work best for you.
January: Friends and social life become more important during January as five planets in Capricorn encourage you to make contact with people you haven’t seen for a while. The tender and idealistic planet Venus arrives in your sign on the 14th, this could be the start of a new romance and will certainly get you thinking differently about how you come across to others.

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