Your Horoscopes for August and September 2019 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

August: The summer month of August starts up with a passionate new moon in the dramatic sign of Leo. Leo is the sign of courage and creativity, reach out and be inspired by the abundance of motivating ideas that come your way. Communication planet Mercury moves out of the retrograde phase on the 2nd, breathe a sigh of relief as life begins to flow much more smoothly. Enjoy being generous, affectionate and playful as love planet Venus remains in Leo until the 21st. August is an extra special month as we have two new moons to enjoy, the second culminates in the industrious sign of Virgo on the 30th. Mars, having already arrived in Virgo on the 18th, assists this important energy shift as careful planning will allow opportunity for new projects to get underway.

September: The winds of change start to blow in September as the sensible and practical earth sign of Virgo comes to the forefront. The Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus all occupy this sign, so it’s all hands on deck as we embrace this business-like energy in the first half of the month. Venus in Virgo puts the emphasis on relationships; love needs to make sense and have a purpose with the goddess of love residing in this sign. As both Venus and communicative Mercury move on to the balanced sign of Libra around the 15th, love matters become far less complicated and there is more time for enjoyment. The full moon is in Pisces on the 14th, this moon is very close to the spiritual planet Neptune and offers a cosmic opportunity to set yourself free from anything that holds you back. If you engage in a creative or spiritual search, you will benefit from the great imagination of Pisces. The need for balance and harmony gets really strong around the Libran new moon on the 28th.


August: Dynamic Mars, your ruler, arrives in industrious Virgo on the 18th of August – prepare for change as a completely new way of working comes to your attention. The new moon in Virgo on the 30th challenges you to exercise caution and deliberation, particularly with long term planning.
September: September offers renewed action in the work and relationship sectors of your chart. Mercury in industrious Virgo assists objective communication on all levels.  An exciting creative opportunity may come your way this month as meticulous Saturn and Mars, your ruler, work harmoniously in your favour.


August: August is an important month as several planets occupy the fiery and extrovert sign of Leo, a generous and carefree mood is yours. Be open to love and romance around the 21st as Venus, your ruler, changes signs. Significant optimism gives you the energy for strong leadership.
September: September keeps you working on love and creativity; energetic Mars joins the Sun in Virgo giving you renewed determination to make a relationship work. A new friendship could become more important to you in the weeks ahead and the Virgo new moon on the 30th is important.


August: As Mars and Venus pass through the communication sector of your chart during August you will be looking at restructuring the way you think. Important opportunities are coming your way and some significant decisions may need to be taken. You are at your best when working with others on a personal level.
September: Home and family life come into focus during September as four planets illuminate this important area of your life. Certain decisions that you have been putting off for a while will need your full attention now. With the planet of communication strong in its own sign, it’s important that you speak your mind.


August: During August the planets suggest that money making schemes are at an all-time high, this powerful energy should leave you feeling successful and prosperous all month. Take the opportunity to profit from your natural diplomatic skills, especially in personal relationships.
September: September shines the spotlight on communication and everything to do with your self-esteem. The Pisces full moon on the 14th highlights your interactions with others; important changes are on the horizon and you should be feeling ready to forge ahead. The Libra new moon on the 28th challenges you to be diplomatic, but strong.


August: August is your special time and as Mars, Venus and Mercury occupy your sign for most of the month it looks like it will be a particularly exciting and festive time. The pace changes as Mercury moves into industrious Virgo on the 29th; an important project comes to light, use your intuition to make necessary changes.
September: Your assets and cashflow all loom large during September as the Sun and Mars both align with serious Saturn and transformational Pluto. The 13th is particularly powerful and could turn out to be a turning point. Jupiter enhances creativity and usually brings optimism and good luck, be sure not to overstretch yourself.


August: August looks like a rather introspective month as the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury suggest that it’s time to take a break and tune into your inner needs. A new phase of action begins after the Virgo new moon on the 30th; your confidence is on the up, with more potential for success than usual.
September: September is your birthday month and as four planets gather in your sign you may anticipate the start of an important phase in your life. Exciting new beginnings are evident and as mighty Jupiter challenges powerful Mars around the 12th you may prepared for a roller-coaster few months ahead. Expect the unexpected!


August: August puts the emphasis on friends and social life, just perfect for the holiday season. Mars enhances the Sun’s vitality and gives you a much needed energy boost. The energy shifts at the Virgo new moon on the 30th, here is a chance for some deep introspection, use your intuition to get to the heart of the matter.
September: Abundant Jupiter in Sagittarius illuminates your communication sector during September, allowing the potential for abundance and success to remain favoured. Venus and Mercury arrive in your sign mid-month suggesting the need to release yourself from some restrictions and obligations that no longer serve you.


August: Mars and Venus enhance the Sun’s powerful and creative influence during August. Where do you shine, what makes you really happy and fulfilled? It’s time to ask these important questions. Mercury arriving in practical Virgo on the 29th highlights friendships, personal goals and your dealings with groups.
September: September continues the theme of friendships, groups and personal goals as the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus highlight this sector of your chart. It’s all change as Venus and Mercury arrive in Libra on the 15th. Balance and harmony need to be found, and this is just the month to be successful.


August: August is a super busy time for Jupiter ruled Sagittarians as positive planetary activity is at its height. Be sure to get out and about and make the most of a surge of self-confidence to lift your profile. The Virgo new moon on the 30th offers a new and exciting career opportunity.
September: September sees many Sagittarians contemplating some big lifestyle changes as four planets form powerful and productive alignments with stern Saturn and transformational Pluto. Reorganisation is essential and it’s definitely time to look at new potentials, particularly around the time of the full moon on the 14th.


August: August brings some important financial issues to your attention, facing facts professionally or personally will eventually make life much easier. Be open minded in your approach to the suggestions of close colleagues. Venus changes sign on the 21st, indicating that it’s good time to broaden your horizons.
September: Transformational Pluto in your sign is set to make a positive alignment to the Sun around the 13th September. Your ruler, the disciplinarian planet Saturn, moves out of the retrograde period midmonth, suggesting that many projects that have been held up can now move forward. You’ll have the opportunity to make some interesting new arrangements for the months ahead.


August: Relationships come to the forefront during August as a long-term partnership demands your attention. Mars and Venus in fiery Leo indicate that passion and joy are more important than ever. The full moon in your sign on the 15th suggests that changes are afoot and it may be best to keep your options open.
September: During September the radiant Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus all highlight your resources and your financial arrangements. Your intuitive powers remain strong and as transformational Pluto comes into focus around the 13th you should see the culmination of an ambitious project.


August: The Leo new moon on the 1st of August emphasises the area of your chart concerned with work and daily life. Mars and Venus shine brightly, suggesting that you have the energy to find a balance and make creative changes. The new moon in your opposite sign on the 30th brings a relationship issues to the forefront.
September: September turns out to be a favourable time for your relationships as four planets illuminate this important sector of your chart. Optimistic Jupiter ensures that exciting new opportunities are coming your way.  The Sun Pluto alignment on the 13th suggests a transformational opportunity can now surface.

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