Your Horoscopes for April and May 2019 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

April: April moves the sign of Aries to the forefront and brings an abundance of vitality and drive with it. Whether you are an Aries or not, you too can connect with the collective stream of high energy and enthusiasm that can bring your visions to fulfilment. The Aries new moon is on the 5th, and with energetic Mars occupying the curious and multi-tasking sign of Gemini we might all feel that we are ready to take on more than one project. Venus, the planet of love and romance, starts the month in mystical Pisces highlighting sensitivity and compassion within relationships. The full moon in Libra on the 19th suggests themes around harmony and balance; you’ll need to pay extra attention to where rest and relaxation may be necessary.

May: The down to earth sign of Taurus the bull is now in the spotlight; constructive and practical energy is at its highpoint and can be used beneficially to keep your projects going at a steady pace. Taurus is also the sign of nature and we’ll all benefit from getting outdoors and enjoying the abundance of the natural world. May also brings plenty of fiery energy, suggesting it’s the perfect month for original and creative ideas to take shape. A brilliant alignment between expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mercury in Aries shows that anything is possible. The new moon is in Taurus on the 4th and the full moon is in Scorpio on the 18th.


April: Your ruler, dynamic Mars, stays in versatile Gemini all month shining the torch on all forms of interaction. Your earning ability is ripe for change so take advantage of every opportunity to communicate with new people who can influence your work progress. The full moon on the 19th illuminates a breakthrough.
May: Energetic Mars, your ruler, remains in Gemini until the 16th. Plans and projects are gathering momentum now as many new ideas become apparent and communication is at its best. The new moon on the 4th brings some important financial issues to the surface.


April: Abundant Jupiter brings renewed confidence and courage particularly around the time of the new moon on the 5th. Your talents are in the spotlight and you’ll need to take stock and review your options as a brilliant idea can now turn into reality. Venus is in dreamy Pisces until the 21st, allowing romance to blossom!
May: The Sun is in your sign until the 21st May and energetic Mars continues to give you an extra boost of vitality. Venus arrives in your sign on the 15th and offers a chance to clear up some emotional matters that have been in the background for quite a while. The full moon on the 18th illuminates a partnership issue.


April: Mars is active and strong in your sign all month, this is your cue to shift gear and turn up the pace. Finances are a high priority and you should have more than one new money-making idea up your sleeve. The full moon in Libra on the 19th brings interesting opportunities your way.
May: May brings a vibrant and dynamic energy to anything involving your friends and your social circle. Mars remains in your sign until the 16th, continuing the exciting theme of innovative ideas and exciting new plans to move ahead. The Scorpio full moon on the 18th illuminates a challenge around an ambitious project.


April: Domestic matters get the go ahead after the Libra full moon on the 19th, when any setbacks and delays should start to ease. Abundant Jupiter shines a helpful and powerful light on work related matters. Venus and Mercury, both in Pisces, suggest there could be plans for a romantic getaway.
May: May offers a totally different dynamic as your career moves into the spotlight. Strong Aries energy suggests that your confidence is at an all-time high and you can go after what you want. A close friend offers some good advice around the time of the Taurus full moon on the 4th. 


April: During April your health and wellbeing are firmly in the spotlight; stern Saturn and transformational Pluto in Capricorn challenge you to tune into your needs and make the necessary changes. A much higher profile leads you to being in the right place at the right time, particularly as energetic Mars is busy in your social sector.
May: During May the emphasis is on broadening your horizons, including travelling to faraway places. Journeys could be work related, particularly after the important Taurus new moon on the 4th. A relationship or a deep friendship could become especially rewarding for you after the 15th.


April: April arrives with a much clearer picture of your way forward. Mars in Gemini offers the dynamic energy to capitalise on professional matters, as people around you will be very receptive to your ideas and plans. The powerful full moon in Libra on the 19th suggests that money matters may require careful handling.
May: Energetic Mars is powerful at the highest point of your chart, illuminating the way for brighter career prospects. Try to avoid wasting energy on trivia as Mars in Gemini is easily distracted. The Taurus new moon on the 4th offers a more practical approach.


April: The important full moon in your sign on the 19th illuminates your ability to be successful and shows the need to find a good balance and a positive outlook. As dynamic Mars has just entered curious and versatile Gemini, the emphasis is on your contacts and all forms of communication.
May: May puts further education and some long distance travel into the spotlight, bringing your confidence to new heights. Take this opportunity to further develop any new projects as this is the perfect time to make a lasting impression on those around you. The Scorpio full moon on the 18th suggests new financial insights.


April: April’s planetary activity turns your attention to work related matters. The powerful Aries new moon on the 5th offers some exciting new prospects, making this the perfect time for success. Relationship planet Venus is well positioned to bring love and romance your way.
May: The new moon in your opposite sign on the 4th illuminates the important decisions that you have taken in recent months. Work related issues are on a roll as new projects coincide with your determination to succeed. The full moon in your sign on the 18th boosts your confidence.


April: Work and lifestyle issues are in the spotlight this month, it’s a good time to spend time on finding a better balance in these areas. Mars is flexible and resourceful in your opposite sign, offering you some innovative ideas relating to partnerships and relationships. Ambitious viewpoints have a good chance of success around the 19th.
May: Your love life enters the spotlight in May, as romantic Venus starts the month in the passionate sign of Aries. Relationships should flourish under these current trends; Jupiter, your ruler, is also well aspected and Mars in Gemini ensures that you stay curious and explore, but try to avoid arguments.


April: During April the emphasis is on all forms of communication; the Sun in fiery Aries offers renewed energy to firm up your strategy for career expansion, ambition and advancement on all levels. The new moon on the 5th illuminates a new opportunity and allows you to make a lasting impression on those around you.
May: May brings a new sense of adventure and exciting new possibilities as the Sun and impulsive Uranus occupy pivotal positions in your chart, ensuring that you enjoy popularity and recognition. Use positive thinking to get the very best out of any new social endeavours.


April: Under the current planetary trends, ideas around all aspects of your earning potential continue to occupy the spotlight. Dynamic Mars in versatile Gemini offers up the energy for multiple creative ideas. The Aries new moon on the 5th brings a boost to forthright communication.
May: During May your home becomes one of your top priorities, if you maximise your potential and put your powers of judgement to the test you should see the successful culmination of an ambitious project. Enthusiasm is high as love and relationships offer excitement and delight. 


April: Your breakthrough comes this month as you start to view events from a new perspective. The powerful Aries new moon on the 5th suggests innovative and beneficial change will be coming your way very soon. Mars is active in your domestic area, kick-starting your desire to make some important changes.
May: The radiant Sun joins maverick planet Uranus in the communication sector of your chart in May. Apply your energies to constructive pursuits and be sure to connect with influential people. Your intellectual powers are sharp, becoming even sharper after Mercury arrives in Taurus on the 7th.

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