I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

I love giving presents, whether that gift is a thing of beauty or something totally practical. With gardening as one of the nation’s top pastimes, here are a few ideas for things which I am sure most green fingered friends would be delighted to receive.

If you know a newish gardener then the basic tools are always well received, especially if you choose good quality, sturdy ones. So think fork, spade and rake – yes, they are difficult to wrap but worth the effort.

For anyone gripped by the Grow Your Own bug you could give one of my ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ gift cards – they choose the veg they want to grow and I send them out, at the right time for planting and accompanied by weekly advice and tips emails….it couldn’t be simpler! Find out more at www.pippagreenwood.com

Weeding is always an issue so a hoe is useful or for smaller spaces (such as in between plants, in gravel, between paving, or to tackle weeds within planters) try the hand held red-handled weeders – I think they’re indispensable.

A few packets of vegetable seeds are always appreciated and most garden centres already have a good variety in stock. If you want to spend a bit more, a heated propagator makes a fantastic gift. With tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and many of the fancier ornamentals needing to be sown soon, it’ll be a gift put to use straight away.

Gardening gloves too are something we can always have more of. Some of the gauntlet style gloves  are perfect if you have to tackle a pruning job on a thorny plant or one with really rough or sharp leaves. Alternatively, there are many lower-priced types available with gripping pads on the fingers or with leather toughened strips across the knuckles. Classic greens, ravishing reds or funky florals, gloves are definitely not boring.

Birds in the garden not only help to keep pest numbers down, but they also add charm which everybody appreciates. A peanut feeder, nest box or perhaps even a bird table will attract them in and there are many designs available from modern to rustic.

For the ‘other half’ who is less inclined to help with the tough jobs in the garden, admit defeat and give them a garden lounger or even a hammock.

As container gardening continues to rise in popularity, another idea is to give a few gorgeous looking containers – either empty for the friend or relative to decide what to put in it themselves, or make them into a complete gift by planting them up with a selection of plants and under planting them with bulbs which you know will bring extra delight next year.

Finally, houseplants such as poinsettias, cyclamen, indoor azaleas and jasmines are perfect for providing bright colour indoors at this time of year. But remember when you buy any indoor plant during cold weather, it is essential that you protect it thoroughly on the journey from the shop to your car and from your car into your house as even a tiny exposure to cold drafts and low temperatures can cause damage.

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