Now is the ideal time to start thinking about any structural changes to your outdoor space. Hard landscaping work can be carried out through the Autumn and Winter, ready for you to enjoy your garden in the summer months without disruption from the builders, when all you really want to do is get out there and enjoy the weather.

Maybe you have been thinking about having a new patio or deck, a new pond, a new BBQ area, raised beds, new garden buildings, or a complete redesign and build. All these works can be carried out throughout the year and are often cheaper during the later and earlier parts of the year when landscapers are not so busy and looking for some continuity of work.

You could find ideas from gardening magazines, TV programmes and the internet to help you set a budget before talking to a professional garden landscaping service. It can be a good idea to talk to a landscaping business who can offer a professional design service, providing drawings and specifications if you have major design changes you wish to make.

A designer can come up with ideas you may not have thought of, help to interpret your ideas in a practical way, as well as advise on the best plants for your garden, and provide a full planting plan, as well as sourcing plants and if required, planting for you. Autumn and winter are prime planting times for trees and hedges so your new build doesn’t look so bare before you get the main planting done in the spring.

Don’t forget your front garden and driveway either. This is the first thing visitors and passers-by see, and a well-tended and beautifully designed and landscaped front garden creates a very positive impression.

Autumn and winter are great seasons for getting this work done, as it means that you can start to enjoy your garden from the beginning of next Spring!