Helping Key Workers and Anxiety Sufferers During Covid-19

Ever wondered how you could help during the Covid-19 pandemic? Emily Young from North Warwickshire felt the same.

Inspired by a lady on her Craft Forum on 1st April, she made some NHS uniform wash bags. Posting them on her Facebook sewing page ‘Vintage Country Rose’, she offered them FREE to NHS workers.

“It went crazy, I would get two requests a day for at least 20 each!” said Emily. After using much of her large stock of fabric, she asked for donations of any sheets, duvets or pillowcases and donations flooded in.

Emily needed help with cutting out the fabric so that she could sew without stopping, and Emily’s friend, Lyndsay Gladwin offered to help. Emily dropped fabric to Lyndsay’s driveway and Lyndsay returned the neatly stacked, folded sewing-ready cuts to Emily’s driveway.

Friends donated money towards postage and supplies, plus Primark in Coventry donated £250 of duvets and pillowcases for more NHS uniform washbags and facemasks for keyworkers.

In April, Emily used 300 metres of drawstring cord/tape and 2500 yards of thread, for over 300 NHS uniform drawstring bags, many headed for UHCW and Warwick Hospital, and Emily’s 10-year-old daughter, Orla, tagged every single bag with a special message to thank the key worker.

Emily is also known for her personal battle with anxiety and her coaching experience, and she set up a simple Facebook page to offer quick help, knowing how anxious people were becoming during the lockdown. She sketched out simple, heartfelt illustrations of her coping mechanisms and her toolkit for crippling anxiety. See ‘Anxiety Busting With Emily’ on Facebook. She says she’s just glad to help.