Steve Mills of CV Car Valeting answers your questions:

“How is the best way to remove tar from car paintwork?”

Steve says: “The way to remove tar from paintwork is buy Tar and Glue Remover, spray it on the tar and when it starts to run, wipe it off, continue to do this until tar is removed, and then wash down area with water.”

“My alloys have lost their shine. I go through a drive-through car wash at least once a month but they seem to be dull.”

Steve says: “Car washes are very aggressive ways of cleaning a car, as it can remove the lacquer from your paintwork and alloys. If this has happened you will need to have then relacquered or you can try wheel polish to see if that helps.”

“Is there an easy way to get dog hairs out of the car’s carpets? It’s my real bug bear.”

Steve says: “There is no easy way to remove dog hairs. You can buy a rubber brush to help remove the hairs or a rubber glove is just as good, also a good hoover to help suck the hair out.”

“What is the best way to treat the leather on a steering wheel?”

Steve says: “You will need a leather cleaner and then use a leather cream applied to the steering wheel.”

“What is the best way to remove bird droppings from the car paintwork?”

Steve says: “It must be remove within 24 hours to save it marking your paintwork. If it has dried on do not rub it off as it contains grit and will mark your paintwork. What you have to do is soak it with warm water until it is soft and then gently wipe it off.”

“How can I remove mould from the seats formed from inside condensation?”

Steve says: “They will need to be shampooed to remove the mould.”

“How can I remove mud from my car mats?”

Steve says: “It should come out with a good vac, but if this does not work get an upholstery foam cleaner, foam the mats, work in with a brush and  wipe off, you could also use your crevice tool from your vac to help get rid of the mud.”

“My friend left a 4 pint bottle of milk on my back passenger seat that must have been open. It leaked almost by half and now after numerous attempts to get rid of the horrible ‘sick-like’ smell I have given up! Tried bicarbonate of soda, general cleaning agents, to no avail. What else can I do?”

Steve says: “You will need to have the seat wet vacuumed and shampooed to remove the milk and then an enzyme will need to be applied to remove the smell, you may need to apply the enzyme more than once to remove all of the smell.”

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