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The Walk and Talk Group for People Affected by Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a very worrying, stressful and frightening time, the feeling of being the only one and alone can certainly make your circumstances appear much worse.

If you are one of these people, then why not come and join our award winning group every Tuesday afternoon at 1.30pm in Riversley Park, Nuneaton, where you can meet up, take a gentle walk and talk to others who have been through, or are going through, similar circumstances. All of the group members who attend have either had cancer themselves or have family members or friends who have had cancer, or who are going through cancer.

The aim of the group is to meet other people who have had or are having similar experiences, to help improve their fitness, health, wellbeing and to help each other by sharing their stories and concerns. The group members say that being on the walk and talk can help just by talking about other things rather than their illnesses.

The Walk and Talk Group for People Affected by Cancer was formed in September 2015 and backed by health care professionals from George Eliot Hospital. The hospital consultants in cancer care all agree that patients can benefit from the fresh air and gentle exercise gained from walking and talking to others in relaxed and pleasant surroundings.

The group meets in all weathers, every Tuesday at 1.30pm outside the Museum Cafe and Tea Rooms in Riversley Park. Some group members come every week and others just come when they can. There are no rules or regulations and anyone who joins us soon become our friends. We are of course observing the current social distancing rules advised by the government and are wearing masks. New members are made very welcome and if you do join us you will soon become a valid member of the group.

Our thanks to Mick Gilbert, Retired Warwickshire Ambulance Service Paramedic, Cancer Survivor and now a George Eliot Hospital Volunteer.