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What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council?  

The Council is very aware of the ongoing effects of lockdown on our Town Centre and its businesses and  the need for action in order to make sure that it is more welcoming – so we can all return to enjoying the experience of shopping or eating out in town.

With benefit of a Government Grant received from the District Council we have been able to ensure that the summer planting by Kenilworth in Bloom took place, and also that they have funds to sustain new planting in the autumn. We have also been able to fund the Art Festival Committee’s planting around the car park in Talisman Square. They will also be able to erect a green wall and exhibit the work of local artists to decorate the exterior walls in that area. We would like to thank both the Festival and Bloom Committees for their work to make our town centre more attractive and welcoming. We look forward to the Festival in September and the Blooms next planting.

Unfortunately, some premises have already closed but we hope they will soon be re-opened. In the meantime, we are offering to provide attractive banners to fill those empty windows to keep the town looking appealing.

With the impact of the construction work for HS2 mounting, the Council is also increasing its efforts to make sure that Kenilworth remains open for business. We have to counter the restrictions that will affect six of the eight roads into the town as the construction work progresses. With funding secured from HS2, preparations are in hand for a scheme to mitigate the effects which will start in the autumn.

The Council would like to thank the volunteers who have supported so many during the last few months. We hope that the tremendous community spirit they have shown will inspire everyone to support our local shops, businesses and charities and thus restore the vitality of our community as we emerge out of lockdown.