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From Community Spirit to Community Power

Grapevine is a local charity that helps anyone experiencing isolation, poverty and disadvantage in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Prior to the recent pandemic we were building a movement against isolation called Connecting for Good, for the people of Coventry. Our vision is 3,000 local people connected in solidarity. We have sparked it off, but it’s not ours; it’s yours.

As a nation and as a city, the pandemic has shown us that we care, we want to be useful, we want to work together, and it has shown that we can. Grapevine wants to make sure that the community spirit that has flowered outlasts this crisis, and that it makes the people of Coventry more resilient and more able to meet the challenges ahead.

We need you; we are doing this together – everyone is welcome whether you receive services, work for services, are a volunteer or simply care. We are offering:

  • A way to take action about the things you care about. We will support you, train you and connect you to others who care about the same things.
  • Access to 15 initiatives already happening.
  • Access to Changemaker University – teaching you how to organise social action.

This is all free. If you’ve never done anything like this before don’t worry. Most people haven’t either! If you’re already taking action, tell us what you want to change, and we will help you do it.

Find out more at; email, search @grapevinecovandwarks or @connectingforgoodcov on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Credit: Simon Peter Green