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What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council?

As we look towards spring, we can see signs around us of hope and regeneration. As this article is written we are waiting for new vaccines and advice on how we can carry out activities safely. In the parks and gardens around the town there are signs of snowdrops and daffodils so, despite all the restrictions, there are signs of new life.

The work of the Town Council continues in the town. The planning committee is carefully considering all planning applications that are coming forward and they are expecting to be kept busy as developments large and small need consideration. The council has also considered various grant applications as one of the places in the town that can give grants for community activities. Please see the website for details of whether your group may be eligible.

There are also still castle passes being issued to residents of the parish of Kenilworth to allow them free access to the castle. The forms for these passes are available outside of Jubilee House and on the Kenilworth web website.

All of the Town Councillors have heard from local residents about various concerns. If you need some help or advice regarding Town Council related matters, please check for details of how to contact the Council.

Finally, as the restrictions continue, can we take time to thank our amazing Town’s Covid-19 support Group. Throughout the pandemic they have kept going delivering thousands of prescriptions and shopping to residents with no other support and keeping in touch with many vulnerable people. They are some of the people that continue to make Kenilworth a great place to live, work and visit. Thank you!