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Plans in Place for Coventry War Memorial Park’s 100th Birthday Party

The War Memorial Park will be 100 years old on 9th July 2021. As volunteer supporters, the Friends of the War Memorial Park aim to celebrate this milestone with a variety of projects and events involving all the individuals, community groups and organisations that fill the park every day.

We’re delighted that the City Council is organising a three-day Centenary weekend in July. This will be a celebration of its role in the life of Coventry over the last 100 years, with a look forward to the next 100. Each day has its own theme: The Park’s Past, Present and Future.

For the Centenary, we aim to create a new social history Park Bench tour, where visitors can hear the human stories behind each memorial bench. This year, for the second year running, we tied hand-written Christmas cards to each bench to try to reach as many donor families as possible, and BBC C&W interviewed one bench donor on 28th December.

Throughout the park there are 678 individual memorials to Coventrians who have died in conflict, each with its own tree. Over time, some trees have died, and many plaques and plinths have been lost or broken. We have launched a campaign to restore or replace them, and this work is underway.

Working with Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind, the Samaritans and Grapevine, we have developed plans for a small Sensory Garden in the Aviary area of the park that will stimulate all the senses in a restful, sanctuary setting. Howard Collerson has created a beautiful design, the Samaritans will be donating funding for benches, and signage and work has now begun.

Right now, we are also actively seeking funding for a special community Centenary initiative that will involve as many park users as possible. Keep an eye on our website for updates

If you have ideas for your own Centenary event, please contact the Friends of The War Memorial Park: