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What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council?

One of the first activities for the new council was to elect the new mayor, Cllr Alison Firth, who accepted the role in a ceremony held in the wonderful atmosphere of the Stables at Kenilworth Castle. She spoke about growing up in the town and explained her commitment to plastic-free charities in the coming year.  Cllr John Dearing took over as Leader of the Council.

During the month of June, the council considered a large number of planning applications including one for a new relocated Kenilworth School: part of the East of Kenilworth Development that will see several thousand new houses, new schools, new sports facilities and significant change to the way the town looks and feels. Most recently, the council has accepted Cllr Andrew Milton’s Cycling Strategy for the town that we hope will contribute to improving wellbeing and offsetting the problems of traffic congestion and poor air quality. The proposed construction of HS2 concerns many residents but the council has started to manage a grant received to mitigate any negative effects on local businesses.

It’s been a busy few weeks for the council, especially as many councillors were completely new to local government, but as each week goes by the priorities and pathways to achieving the best outcomes are becoming more clearly defined.

John Dearing