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Registered Nurse Turned Author

A walk through Coventry City Centre, mid-afternoon, late November 2018, led to the creation of ‘Keep Them Close’. Having retired from nursing a short while before, it was a new experience for me to have leisure time in a week-day afternoon. However, I was extremely disturbed by the sight of so many youngsters sleeping rough in the centre of our local shopping precinct, and I returned home with many questions.

I decided to explore the many possible reasons for the seeming increase in homelessness. I spoke to family, friends, scoured the internet and local papers. Returning to the City Centre, I chatted to some of those who I had met up with the week before. I was happy to share a cup of tea with them and listen to their various stories.

The long and short of the tale is that I began to write ‘Keep Them Close’, a story of romance and family, and how a person can find themselves in trouble when, for whatever reason, the loving support networks break down.

My book was published on 30th January 2020 by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd. You can find it on It is available on numerous sites and in local bookstores.

I would like to encourage any others who have a dream of writing a book to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and give it a try. This is my second book since I retired four years ago, and I am working on my third. My first, ‘A Week In Time’, is a WW2 Homefront story; I self-published and it can be found on Amazon.

By Betty Rose