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The Great Pension Robbery

Approximately 34,000 women living in Coventry & Warwickshire have lost around £45,000 each on average in State Pensions. These women were born in the 1950s and have been affected by the State Pension Age (SPA) increase. Women who struggled to help bring in a household income when there were no childcare facilities, maternity/paternity leave or pay, and the word “Equality” did not figure in the workplace. Sex, age and all sorts of other discriminations were common, and women were often expected to accept being groped or worse and if they dared complain, lose their employment. Perhaps you recognise yourself or your mum, sister, grandmother?

These women commonly started work at the age of 15 and were told they would have to pay into a National Insurance Fund which would help take care of them if they became ill and pay back a State Pension when they retired at age 60. Unfortunately, this became untrue in 1995 when the Government decided to raise the age of retirement for women to equal that of men, to age 65. And that goal post was moved again in 2011 to age 66.

There are numerous groups protesting about this injustice and actively campaigning to the government to compensate those women who have been adversely affected. One of these groups is Women Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI) who have 80 groups around England, Scotland and Wales. These groups organise themselves via private Facebook groups and meetings organised at local level and get involved in awareness raising and active peaceful demonstrations.

Another group protesting about these changes is “Back to 60” who have had their case heard in the High Court in London through the Judicial Review process, which is currently at Appeal Stage, and who WASPI are happy to collaborate with in campaigning for the rights of all 50s born women.

If you are interested in finding out more and/or would like to join our campaign, please email us at for further information about joining one of our meetings where you will be warmly welcomed. We look forward to hearing from you!