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Updates From The Bedworth Foodbank Team

Bedworth Foodbank have a new collection point at All Saints Church, the church is central in Bedworth and open most days. We have been very busy at our three venues particularly at TLC who had 8 families during one of our Thursday drop-in sessions in December.

TESCO FOOD COLLECTION EVENT: The Pre-Christmas Bedworth and Nuneaton Foodbank collection held at Bedworth TESCO collected an incredible 2.56 tons, an increase of 25% on last Summer’s collection. We need to thank everyone involved for this success including Tesco Staff, Foodbank, Church and community volunteers who volunteered at the two day event and all the customers who donated food. We must thank the drivers and warehouse staff working behind the scenes to store and sort all the donations. We had to find emergency storage space to handle it all. Thank you everyone who got involved!

CHRISTMAS HAMPERS – We are so grateful to all the volunteers who wrapped and created the boxes and packed lots of Christmas Hampers which were delivered to families in need. Thanks to our Partner Agencies for your referrals. Well done all!

PRIMARY SCHOOL “REVERSE” ADVENT CALENDAR – Back in December, Lorraine visited St. Francis’ Catholic Primary School who had collected 250 kg of food by holding a “Reverse” Advent Calendar event. Principal, Charlotte Culleton, was approached by a team of Year 6 children with the idea. So, each day rather than receiving a chocolate or a sweet from an Advent calendar, the children brought in an item for the food bank. Charlotte was delighted to say “yes” to their suggestion and in an assembly the whole school agreed. The school are very proud of how the children are being Witnesses to Jesus in their everyday lives. What a fantastic idea, well done and thank you.

RECENT DONATIONS – So many donations, what an incredible response. Many thanks to Bedworth Library, Health Centre, Bulkington Traveller Community, local schools, community groups and churches for fantastic events and many individuals, children and families who brought donations to our venues and collection points. New collection points are at Coventry Building Society and All Saints Church.

SPOTLIGHT ON FOODBANK VOLUNTEERS WORKING ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ – Joan went to meet Foodbank Warehouse Volunteer, Trevor, while he was busy putting away donated food into the racks over the New Year. Trevor is a Teaching Assistant at a SEN school and previously was a lollipop man for 9 years locally and taught road safety in schools. Trevor has volunteered for Bedworth Foodbank in this ‘behind the scenes’ role for 5 years. He says he can stock about 20 crates of food in 3 hours and has got a good system of organizing the stock in the small warehouse so that best before dates are in order. Trevor seems to be exceptionally busy and has other volunteer roles working once a month on a night shift as a Street Pastor in Coventry. He told me that the Street Pastor role includes keeping people safe, calling for emergency services when required, putting people who have lost their friends into a taxi to get home safely and giving out flip-flops to those who have lost their heels!

Trevor is also a keen amateur dramatist and has played the ‘Pantomime Dame’ for 4 years at St. Giles Drama Club. I’m not sure how Trevor fits these roles in with his family but his help at the Foodbank is invaluable. We say, well done, and “Carry on, Trevor”!

VOLUNTEER ROLES: So many donations have given us a lot of work to keep us busy. If you would be interested in helping fill one of the varied volunteer roles available at Bedworth Foodbank then please get in touch: Bedworth Foodbank, C/O Bedworth Baptist Church, 28 Coventry Road, Bedworth, CV12 8NN. T: 07809 203178  E: