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What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council?

With Spring on the way, it is good to see the crocus blooming in front of Jubilee House and the flowers in our new planters throughout the Town, and we hope that we can look forward to some good weather – as well as the election in May.

Further good news was that the Town’s application for assistance in promoting the Town Centre during HS2 construction over the next 5 years has been successful and we will be receiving £74,500 to assist in protecting our Town Centre from the disruption we anticipate that it will experience during that period. We will be seeking ways not only to mitigate this disruption but to promote our Town Centre for the benefit of us all.

The Town budget has confirmed the precept will be frozen for the sixth year running and provides   £50,000 for grants so that the next Council will have resources to continue the support for these projects and events next year. It is also good to know that our precept charge is the lowest of the four towns in the district.

The Council continues to scrutinize in detail every planning application in the Town to try to ensure that the Planning Committee at the District is alerted of local concerns, and also that our Neighbourhood Plans policies are recognised and applied.