Julian Clary Interview October/November 15

The Bold and the Beautiful

National treasure Julian Clary shares his joy at writing his debut children’s book ‘The Bolds’.

“I always wanted to be a writer when I was a child,” says Clary. “I think writing for children never occurred to me until my agent suggested it. It was a rather inspired idea because it’s very much more fun than writing for adults.” And that is how the flamboyant TV personality came about creating his debut children’s book, The Bolds, a collaboration between Clary and award winning illustrator David Roberts. Mr and Mrs Bold are quite ordinary; they live with their two children in a very nice house in Teddington, they have jobs and are totally normal except for one thing: they are hyenas. The Bolds have until now lived quite a banal existence, keeping their long, spotted tails and manic laughs under wraps, but when a neighbour gets suspicious it leads to a wacky adventure unlike any other. […]

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Derren Brown Interview August/September 15

It’s A Kind Of Magic

Derren Brown’s nationwide tour Miracle is once again leaving audiences wide eyed in wonder. The king of magical illusion explains how the witnesses are just as much a part of the show as he is.

As the master of psychological illusion, Derren Brown knew he wouldn’t need to rely on divine intervention when he named his new stage show Miracle. Yet that didn’t mean that as the tour began in March, he wasn’t wracked with self-doubt. “It was quite a bold show and a bit of a risk in terms of whether or not it would actually work, whether the effects could actually be obtained and whether people would go with it.” […]

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Witches of Eastwick at The Albany Theatre

Coming Soon To Coventry…The Devil! When three beautiful young women become fascinated with the same dark handsome stranger and new owner of the town’s mansion house, trouble will inevitably brew. When the new man in town, Darryl Van Horne, turns out to be no less than the very Devil himself, with more than a little naughtiness on his mind, then trouble brews fast.

Despite being able to cast his spell on the girls and most of the townsfolk, the lecherous interloper can’t escape the scrutiny of Eastwick town’s ferocious and feisty busybody who instantly knows something is amiss, and guesses that their relationship with the less than innocent smooth talking home owner, will be bad…very bad indeed. […]

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