Tom’s Column – June/July 19

Geek Culture Is Now All Culture – And I Love It by Tom Beasley

I remember when it wasn’t cool to be a geek. Once upon a time, superheroes and fantasy epics were the preserve of a very select group of people. Indeed, it wasn’t very long ago that the film and TV shorthand for ‘tragically alone nerd’ was an interest in comic books and dragons. It just so happens, though, that comic books and dragons are now two pretty dominant pillars of popular culture. […]

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Technology Review – June/July 19

Great Outdoors

Technology for long summer nights

The combination of long nights and nice weather means it’s time to head outdoors – and technology can help make the outdoors even greater and the light nights even brighter. […]

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Finance Article – June/July 19

Your Questions Answered by TaxAssist Accountants

Contractor: Limited Company or Sole Trader?


As a Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) contractor, on top of the normal issues surrounding whether to be a limited company or a sole trader, are there any CIS specific issues to be aware of? […]

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Recipe Vegetable and Chilli Noodle Bowls – June/July 19

Vegetable and Chilli Noodle Bowls

This is a quick vegetarian supper packed with flavour! Soba noodles are Oriental noodles made from buckwheat flour. You’ll find them in most large supermarkets but if unavailable, use egg or rice noodles instead. […]

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Gardening: Plant Hunters Article – June/July 19

Heleniums – My Favourite Plant by Martin Blow

The great garden writer Christopher Lloyd, when asked what his favourite flower was, replied, “the one I’m looking at now”. It’s that way with me with heleniums; all are beautiful in their own right, all are equally easy to grow and all do a great job in the border, be it a 15-inch (38cm) edger to a 6-footer (180cm) at the back. […]

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Parenting Article – June/July 19

Encouraging A Love Of Reading by Kate Duggan

According to BookTrust, children who enjoy reading tend to have better literacy skills, increased vocabulary and enhanced general knowledge. Reluctant readers may need some extra help to discover their inner bookworm, however. […]

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Interiors Column – June/July 19

Seventies Chic by Katherine Sorrell

Get your groove on – it’s back to the Seventies! But this time around orange pine and avocado bathrooms are banned, in favour of good-looking furnishings, bold patterns and cool accessories. […]

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Style Column – June/July 19

Stay Stylish and Cool this Summer by Grace Parsons

It’s official, summer has finally arrived! I am writing my first ever fashion column to give you some tips on how to stay stylish and cool this summer. This column is designed to inspire people of all ages to explore and embrace new styles. I would like to begin by introducing myself, I am Grace Parsons, a nineteen-year-old gap year student living in Coventry, and in September I’ll be making the big move to London to begin my degree in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. I have always adored fashion and the confidence it gives me. Whilst I always want my style to be my own and never entirely trend led, I try to incorporate some trends into my wardrobe! […]

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Citizens Advice Column – June/July 19

Council Tax – Are You Paying Too Much?

Council Tax (CT) is a local tax on domestic property collected by local authorities. The amount of CT you are liable for depends on the ‘banding’ of the property you are living in, and other factors. […]

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Beauty Article – June/July 19

Sensational Summer Skin by Kate Duggan

Finding the right sun lotion for your skin isn’t easy if you have sensitive skin. Some are too greasy or leave a white residue, and others can trigger prickly heat or eczema. I’ve tried a lot of lotions in my quest and Green People’s Scent Free Sun Lotion (£22.50) is one of the best I’ve found so far. It’s gentle on skin, non-greasy, rubs in easily and contains chamomile, green tea and aloe vera to soothe and refresh skin. It’s also reef-safe and 30p from each sale is donated to the Marine Conservation Society. With an SPF of 30, it’ll do fine for my Cornwall holiday this year, although I might swap to Jason Sunbrellas Family Sun Block SPF45 in the unlikely event I get invited to somewhere a bit more tropical. See […]

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