A National Priority to Focus on Early Cancer Diagnosis

By 2028 your NHS aims to make 75% of cancer diagnoses at an early stage. This could mean that each year 55,000 more people will be surviving with cancer for 5 years or more. We need your help to achieve this.

Covid 19 has caused unimaginable changes to our life, however your family doctors at Castle Medical Centre have continued to work as usual throughout the pandemic and aim to continue doing so come what may! We have seen the devastating mental and physical impact of Covid on our patients, with patients being scared to contact the surgery or believing their symptoms are less concerning during Covid. This may have caused delay of diagnosis for serious illnesses.

If you have persisting symptoms of tiredness, weight loss, changed bowel habits, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, lumps or changing moles these may indicate a serious diagnosis. Please contact Castle Medical Centre by calling our reception or accessing our online portal. We can arrange for you to attend the surgery quickly and safely for examination, even if you have been shielding. Our building and staff comply with Covid secure guidelines, encompassing social distancing and enhanced infection control procedures meaning we can see patients inside, avoiding the harsh weather conditions outside for our most vulnerable patients.

After examination, if necessary, we can refer immediately to the correct hospital service for further investigation and advice. Early diagnosis and treatment improves cancer survival.

The NHS is now rapidly restoring services, with cancer care being a top priority. Local hospitals have plans in place to ensure oncology and cancer services are running safely and effectively.

Cervical screening for women is extremely important to prevent cervical cancer. We aim to clear the backlog of smears caused by lockdown earlier this year and have additional appointments available at weekends and evenings to supplement daytime appointments. Please contact the surgery if you have had a reminder letter for a smear.

Mammograms are done on a three-yearly cycle. We would encourage you to attend when you receive an invitation.

We are happy to check any concerning lumps or changing moles and we have doctors at Castle Medical Centre with increased interest and skills in dermatology and minor surgery to deal with these skin issues.

The national bowel cancer screening programme is offered to people aged 55 and over. Again, we encourage you to participate, as early diagnosis of this condition particularly can enhance survival rates significantly.

The NHS website (www.nhs.uk) gives information about NHS screening programmes and symptoms of the commonest types of cancers diagnosed in the UK.

Lifestyle is an important factor contributing to an individual’s risk of developing cancer, regular exercise, a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking and sticking to the recommended number of alcohol units each week are beneficial to minimise your risk.

We are living through uncertain times, but now, as always, the NHS and your local Castle Medical Centre surgery is here for you.

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