The Art of Self-Care by Kate Duggan

Show yourself some extra kindness this autumn

Many of us have been inspired to exercise more this year. Exercise can boost your mood and ease anxiety, as well as help to keep you healthy. But as the days grow shorter and colder, it’s all too easy to let those good habits slip.

If you need some extra motivation to keep up (or increase) your activity level, why not try:

  • Exercising with a friend or family member.
  • Giving a different kind of exercise a go, such as martial arts or an online dance class.
  • Downloading the Couch to 5K app by Public Health England (I recommend choosing Sarah Millican as your personal trainer).
  • Treating yourself to some new fitness togs. While you don’t need expensive gym gear, it’s important to at least be comfortable while you work out, and you’ll need decent trainers for outdoor high-impact work.
  • Setting yourself achievable goals, eg. being able to jog/swim/cycle/row/walk a certain distance, gaining the next martial arts’ belt, or just perfecting a new dance routine! Ideally, set small goals that you can reach within the next few weeks, as well as a more ambitious long-term target if you fancy pushing yourself.
  • Write down why you’re doing this and stick your note somewhere prominent, like the fridge. Keep it simple, such as “I’m going to exercise three times a week to keep myself mentally and physically healthy” or “I’m going to swim every week because I know I feel calmer afterwards” or “I’m going to do Pilates twice a week to keep my body flexible and to enjoy better sleep”.

Know someone who could do with a helping hand to unwind? Meditation app Headspace has launched a series of new gift cards with Boots. Each one gives the recipient a six-month subscription to guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, videos and calming music. There are four themed meditation collections to choose from: Mind, Health, Sleep and Focus. (They all give full access to Headspace and are £30 at

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