Day To Night Aromatherapy by Kate Duggan

Whether you need an uplifting boost to get you going in the morning, or some help to drop off at night, essential oils could be just what you’re looking for. Lavender and vetiver are good choices if you want to get a better night’s sleep. Frankincense, rose and chamomile can help you to relax and de-stress, while geranium, pink grapefruit and sweet orange are great for lifting your mood and energy levels. Add a few drops of essential oil to an oil burner, sprinkle some in the bath, or treat yourself to one of these…

If you’re a habitual hitter of the snooze button and struggle to get going in the morning, you might want to try Green People’s Quinoa & Calendula Shower Gel and Hand & Body Lotion. Ginger and sweet orange are natural mood boosters, and combine to create an appealing, revitalising fragrance. As well as smelling incredible, both shower gel and lotion are very hydrating, so they leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and utterly pampered. From £14.95,

You have 101 things to get done, the traffic is at a standstill and the kids won’t stop arguing. While the best remedy would probably be to lock yourself away for half an hour of peace and quiet, that’s not always possible. Luckily, it takes just seconds to roll a few drops of Tazeka Aromatherapy Tension Tonic on your pulse points. A potent mix of several essential oils, including geranium, rose absolute and coriander, Tension Tonic has been found to help ease stress and anxiety. I find myself reaching for it regularly throughout the day. £29.50,

If you need to unwind of an evening, try Dr Organic’s Rose Otto Bath Oil. As the name suggests, it has a subtle, sensual fragrance. Rose otto is said to help with anxiety, sadness and stress. The bath oil also contains sweet almond, peach and jojoba oils, so it’s great for your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. £8.99, Holland & Barrett.

Alternatively, if you’re full of the lurgy, try adding a cap of Kneipp Eucalyptus Cold & Flu Mineral Bath Salts to the bath. They really do help to unblock sinuses, ease congestion and clear the cotton wool from your head. As an added bonus, the mineral salts gently exfoliate skin and draw out toxins. £8.95,

And so to bed… Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Goodnight Pillow Mist is a blend of essential oils prized for their ability to relax and calm the senses. Lavender, balsam and vetiver combine to create a soothing scent that may help you to get a better night’s sleep. Just spritz Goodnight Pillow Mist around your bedroom and on your pillow before settling down to sleep. Bliss. £15,

Kate Duggan:

Please note that some essential oils are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.