Brekky with Trish and Jo

Your Call Magazine caught up with BBC breakfast radio presenters Trish Adudu and Jo Tidman, the voices our region wakes up to every weekday – here’s how they do it!

What’s your secret to waking up so early – if you have one?
Trish: “I need seven alarm clocks all strategically placed around the bedroom so that I can’t press snooze and fall back to sleep! Once I’m up I have a quick shower, dress, a slurp of Aloe Vera (which is yuk, yuk, yuk) and then I puff up my Afro and I’m out to be at the studio for 5am.”
Jo: “Luckily I’m a real morning person – but don’t speak to me after 9pm! The alarm goes off at 4am, although I rarely need it as I’m always awake automatically for some reason. I hop in the shower and throw on some clothes, then sneak out of the house quietly so I don’t wake everyone else up.”

Where do you call home?
Trish: “I lived in Canley in Coventry until I was seven. I remember it was a struggle as we were very poor – like a lot of families – but it meant there was a strong community spirit. For the Queen’s Silver Jubilee the whole street was closed off in Canley and we all ate jelly and ice cream on tables set out! When I was seven we moved to Coundon, but Wyken in Coventry is home now and where I’ve lived for the past 15 years.”
Jo: “I’m a Stratford girl. The town has changed massively since I was a child but I feel so proud when friends from around the country come to stay so I can show it off.  My family are all here too. We have a special walk around the river which I still do with my son Ben sometimes – it brings back so many memories.”

What do you get most passionate talking about on the radio?
Trish: “When big companies try and rip off the ‘small man’ – that really gets my goat. I really enjoy putting the big questions over to people in positions of power who have a duty of care to us local people too. We get a chance to speak for those who don’t get to speak to the decision makers.”
Jo: “We get things done… but have fun doing it. We are just normal people doing normal things but often it’s the silly things that happen that get people talking the most.”

Can you tell us about BBC C&W’s Shakespeare Street project?
Jo: “It’s so exciting – we are putting on a hugely ambitious production of Romeo and Juliet to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. But the difference is it will be in the middle of Broadgate in Coventry and the people from the city – many of whom have never acted before in their lives – will be centre stage. We wanted to bring Shakespeare back down to earth to show how central to all our lives and language he was. He didn’t perform for the gentry but for normal people like us and that’s what we want to do.”
Trish: “It’s going to be amazing. Think Romeo and Juliet meets West Side Story meets High School musical meets Grease with a barrel of laughs thrown in.”

What’s your favourite way to spend your time off air?
Trish: “I have been with my fella, Ezzy for over 24 years. We have five children in all – three step children and two boys together, Tyler and Kennedy who are 15 and 13. We are very sporty so if we are not supporting each other watching the boys play football or tennis then we are watching telly after a big dinner. We love Come Dine with Me and First Dates! How sad?!”
Jo: “Family is important and I’m so blessed to have my son Ben who keeps me on my toes. My parents live close by as does one of my two brothers – the other is in Scotland, which is handy for trips away. We have a pretty open house with people coming and going all the time. Trish and I are really, really naughty once a week and pop round to the local pub for a MASSIVE fry-up. It’s a great time to catch up and see how each other feels the show is going.”
Trish: “It’s massive – the sausages are as big as your fingers!”

Join Trish and Jo for breakfast, weekdays 7am-9am on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire 94.8FM