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Tamworth Samaritans Win Queen’s Award Oct/Nov 2014

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service Awarded to Tamworth Samaritans On 2nd June 2014 all of the volunteers at Tamworth […]

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Mind Over Matters Oct/Nov 2014

Reframing by Richard Nicholls
As winter gets closer and the summer seems a distant memory, we can choose how we feel about this change in seasons. We can either recoil at the colder, damper weather, or we can appreciate the leaves changing colour, the excitement of the build up to Christmas and the ability to see the sun rise without having to get up super early!

It’s up to you – the start of winter can be a good thing or a bad thing depending entirely on the frame that you put around it.

The idea of framing can be used in many areas of life. If things don’t go the way you want them to, you can choose to moan and be fearful of it happening again, or you can learn from it and move on.

I met a woman once who, because of trauma when she was young, had decided that people were untrustworthy and that in order to avoid getting hurt, she would never trust anyone.

This frame of “people are untrustworthy” worked for a short while as it kept her safe and prevented her from getting hurt. That is until she started to get lonely.


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Recipe Apple and Blackberry Crumble Cake Oct/Nov 2014

Apple and Blackberry Crumble Cake Making the most of seasonal fruit, this moist cake is delicious as a warming pudding served with custard or you can leave it to cool and enjoy it with a mid morning cuppa. Makes: 8 slices Ready in: 1 hour 20 mins, plus cooling   350g self-raising flour 2tsp ground mixed spice 175g unsalted butter, chilled and diced, plus extra for greasing 150g golden caster sugar 2 medium eggs, beaten 2 large dessert apples, peeled, cored and diced 200g blackberries 50g demerara sugar 50g roasted hazelnuts, chopped […]

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CV Car Valeting Oct/Nov 2014

Steve Mills of CV Car Valeting answers your questions: “How is the best way to remove tar from car paintwork?” Steve says: “The way to remove tar from paintwork is buy Tar and Glue Remover, spray it on the tar and when it starts to run, wipe it off, continue to do this until tar is removed, and then wash down area with water.” “My alloys have lost their shine. I go through a drive-through car wash at least once a month but they seem to be dull.” Steve says: “Car washes are very aggressive ways of cleaning a car, as it can remove the lacquer from your paintwork and alloys. If this has happened you will need to have then relacquered or you can try wheel polish to see if that helps.” “Is there an easy way to get dog hairs out of the car’s carpets? It’s my real bug bear.” Steve says: “There is no easy way to remove dog hairs. You can buy a rubber brush to help remove the hairs or a rubber glove is just as good, also a good hoover to help suck the hair out.” “What is the best way to treat the leather on a steering wheel?” Steve says: “You will need a leather cleaner and then use a leather cream applied to the steering wheel.” […]

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Pauline Quirke Academy Oct/Nov 2014

PQA Coventry Hits the Big Screen at PQA & Empire Cinemas Film Festival, Leicester Square On the morning of Sunday 7th September, PQA students from 12 specially selected academies were gathered around the Leicester Square cinema, bubbling over with excitement as they waited to see their films on the big screen. Earlier this year 61 Pauline Quirke Academies submitted their films to be in with a chance to have their work screened as part of this year’s PQA & Empire Cinemas Film Festival in Leicester Square. Over 150 films were submitted and the top 16 films have been specially selected by an external panel of film industry professionals. One of the chosen films was created by PQA Coventry and the cast, crew and fans were invited to join the exciting event in Leicester Square. The premiere saw over 700 students, friends and family who all travelled to London to take part in the festival. […]

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Motor Mania Oct/Nov 2014

Best 4x4s by James Baggott, Car Dealer Magazine (CarDealerMag.co.uk)
With rugged looks, a commanding view of the road and the ability to get you out of some sticky situations, a 4×4 makes sense for lots of drivers. From mummies collecting at the school gates to business owners who need a reliable working vehicle, there’s plenty of choice in the off-road category.

What’s more the latest crop of pumped-up SUVs also offer clever technology, luxurious interiors and don’t have to cost the earth. Here we take a look at five of our favourites for you to put a new reg plate on.

Nissan Qashqai

Price: From £17,595

The Nissan Qashqai has recently been revamped – giving it fresh looks to keep it firmly placed in the top 10 best-selling cars in the UK chart. It’s a compact SUV that’s easy to live with every day, affordable and extremely comfortable. The new exterior design tweaks look superb, it’s wonderfully refined and the interior is packed with helpful new technology. With plenty of engine choice it’s hard to beat.


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Garden Landscaping Oct/Nov 2014

Now is the ideal time to start thinking about any structural changes to your outdoor space. Hard landscaping work can be carried out through the Autumn and Winter, ready for you to enjoy your garden in the summer months without disruption from the builders, when all you really want to do is get out there and enjoy the weather. Maybe you have been thinking about having a new patio or deck, a new pond, a new BBQ area, raised beds, new garden buildings, or a complete redesign and build. All these works can be carried out throughout the year and are often cheaper during the later and earlier parts of the year when landscapers are not so busy and looking for some continuity of work. You could find ideas from gardening magazines, TV programmes and the internet to help you set a budget before talking to a professional garden landscaping service. It can be a good idea to talk to a landscaping business who can offer a professional design service, providing drawings and specifications if you have major design changes you wish to make. […]

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Interiors Column Oct/Nov 2014

On The Wall by Katherine Sorrell What’s on your walls? Create character and add atmosphere with a finish that’s as simple or eye-catching as you wish, says interiors expert Katherine Sorrell. Choosing a wall finish is a question of combining personal choice and practicalities. Naturally, while some finishes are hands-off-don’t-touch delicate, others are ideal for protecting walls from knocks and bumps, muddy paws and sticky fingers; some are meant only for perfectly smooth walls, while others are great at disguising blemishes. Find the right type of finish, and then decide how colourful, patterned and textured you want it to be. A plain white wall, for example, may be just the ticket for showing off your collection of snow globes or tin toys, or as a counterpoint to bright cushions, throws and other accessories. On the other hand, you may want an exciting wallpaper that draws the eye to a feature wall, or adds pzazz to an otherwise boring room. Suffice to say that a change of wallcovering can transform cold into cosy, boring into beautiful and out of date into instantly cool. […]

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Help at Hand Project Oct/Nov 2014

Help at Hand Finds A Perfect Match in North Warwickshire It was fate that brought them together, after a failed attempt to meet a man in Water Orton, Jaydene Biddulph was paired with a lady from Coleshill. This is a story about love, but not an ordinary love story, a story of a true friendship forged after Jaydene answered an advert by the Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire for a Help at Hand befriender. Jaydene had seen the advert several times in the local Gazette and cut it out four times. On the fourth time she finally contacted the centre and found out more about becoming a befriender for the Help at Hand project. The Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire’s Help at Hand project matches people in the local community with people who need help the most – sick, elderly or disabled. […]

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Healthwatch Coventry Oct/Nov 2014

Your Voice on Health and Social Care Services Healthwatch Coventry is the independent champion for health and social care in […]

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