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Local School Wins Junior Choir of the Year 2014

Eastern Green Junior School Choir Wins BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Junior Choir of the Year 2014 Eastern Green Junior School Choir has become the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Junior Choir of the year for 2014. The hard fought grand final took place inside a packed Central Hall on Monday 10th November. Eastern Green choir beat off competition from Potters Green, Newburgh, Good Shepherd and Hollyfast Primary Schools. The event was broadcast on the evening of Thursday 13th November. As well as holding the prestigious prize for the next 12 months the children have been invited to perform during the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Christmas Concert, set to be broadcast on 20th December live from Coventry Cathedral. […]

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Health and Fitness Dec 14/Jan 15

Your Survival Guide This Christmas
It’s Christmas time, which means mulled wine, mince pies, turkey leftovers, chocolate, and alcohol, plus time off work – it’s a bad combination for our waistlines and our motivation, AND it’s cold outside too!!

Christmas is a time when people often go way overboard with their eating habits, consuming chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and these bad habits make us lethargic, and can set us back months in our fitness goals!

So how can we survive this festive season without piling on the extra pounds that takes weeks to get rid of? Don’t worry, help is at hand, here are my ‘Top 10 ways to enjoy a healthy and happy Christmas for you and your loved ones’.   These are just a few handy tips that can help keep you on the straight and narrow so you don’t go completely off the rails and undo all the hard work you’ve done this year.


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Bits and Bobs Column Dec 14/Jan 15

Deck The Halls By Bob Garlick
It’s that time of year, to venture into the loft again and get down the tree, the baubles and the lights, etc. All too soon it will be time to put them away again.

Our Christmas collection has grown over the years and includes a singing dog, a bird that twitters Rudolph and many others, none of which must be ignored as the grandchildren, even as they are no longer children, regard them as a necessary part of Christmas. There is probably a list of addresses, maybe even some cards, with or without envelopes, garlands and an enormous and colourful wreath which is too big for the front door.

Fortunately, we no longer have the problem with bulbs that worked last year but don’t work this time, the wonders of LED lights! I always pack everything away afterwards using newspaper. As you unwrap the baubles you can read last year’s news and look at the TV listings, they may well be the same although I think that ‘The Great Escape’ and ‘Where Eagles Dare’ have now been relegated to afternoon viewing on Channel 5. Always worth watching, though.


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Beauty Dec 14/Jan 15

Facial Massage – For Beautiful Skin By Helen Taylor Most people appreciate the benefits of a neck and shoulder massage to ease tension. But life’s everyday stresses can also build up in the facial muscles, ultimately resulting in a lined and furrowed brow. A facial massage is a great way to refresh your skin, smooth-out wrinkles and relax. Not only will the ‘down-time’ during the treatment be an instant pick-me-up, but it’s a useful tool in the fight against ageing. By relaxing the muscles, your face will appear softened and stresses will be released. The massage will also help to drain fluid build-up from around the eyes, increase blood circulation and make the creams you apply afterwards even more effective because they’ll be more easily absorbed into the skin. The salon is the most effective treatment, particularly because you will be very relaxed. But if you don’t have time to get to the salon, or you want to keep up the good work between visits, follow our guide to performing an effective massage yourself at home. 1. After thoroughly cleansing your face, take a moisturiser, face oil or serum and use your knuckles to gently – but firmly – massage the product all over your face, ensuring that you work from the centre outwards to your ears. Do the same for your neck. […]

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Your Call Magazine Award Winner Dec 14/Jan 15

Your Call Magazine Presented with Award for ‘Inspirational Business Owner’ Award at the National Magazine Publishers Awards 2014
Your Call Magazine founder and MD Lynne Heard won the ‘Inspirational Business Owner’ highly commended title at the National Magazine Publishers Awards 2014. This is the second year the judges have recognised and awarded Lynne who took the Inspirational Business Owner accolade at the 2013 awards.

Lynne, together with her husband Steven, joint owners of Your Call Magazine, attended the conference and black tie dinner and awards ceremony, hosted by Quay Systems, on 3rd October at The Heart of England conference and events centre in Coventry.

Lynne said, ‘I am thrilled with this award win and would like to express our sincere thanks to all our customers and readers who have supported Your Call Magazine over the last nine years to make all this possible.’

The ceremony took place after the magazine publishers’ conference, a full day of networking, motivational and educational opportunities for the community magazine industry. Delegates could network with inspiring individuals such as Brad Burton, quoted by Theo Phaphitis as being ‘A Northern Anthony Robbins’, to leading business coaches and publishing experts.


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Blue Daisy’s Garden Diary Dec 14/Jan 15

Garden Design Quick Tip: Using Plants as Texture
Previously we have looked at what texture is in garden design, it is often referred to as the surface quality of the plant and can range from delicate to coarse. It is a character element that can be used by itself or with other elements to create a feeling of unity.

Textures appeal to multiple sensory experiences at once. You can often tell what something is going to feel like just by looking at it, but there may be more surprises in store as you explore. Think of Stachys byzantine, also known as ‘lambs ears’, the leaves have that soft woolly texture, whereas Stipa tenuissima (feather grass) makes you want to run your fingers through the leaves. Plant texture can be the visual smoothness or roughness of the leaves and flowers of any plants or trees. Certain forms and surfaces invite touch and the visual and physical effect of a border is heightened when there is great textural contrast because of this ‘invitation’ to interact with the textural plants.


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Horoscopes by Christine Chalklin Dec 14/Jan 15

YOUR HOROSCOPES for December 2014 and January 2015 by Christine Chalklin
What’s happening in the Cosmos in December 2014?
The festive season begins with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in the fun-filled sign of Sagittarius; just right for enjoying the party season! The full moon in Gemini on the 6th illuminates the opportunity for positive communication on all levels. Mars, the warrior planet, moves from earthy Capricorn to innovative Aquarius on the 5th, bringing the chance for action to follow brilliant ideas that are now ready to be put into practice. The Winter Solstice takes place late evening on the 21st, followed early the next morning by the powerful new moon in practical Capricorn. Making your plans for the New Year is top priority now.

What’s happening in the Cosmos in January 2015?
The first major planetary shift of 2015 sees Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline, in Sagittarius for the first time in 30 years. Having last transited this sign in 1985-87, Saturn will dip back into Scorpio from June 2015 to September 2015 and then stay permanently until December 2017. At its most positive we can expect to see a refocussing on love, tolerance and finding spiritual meaning, particularly in the areas of religion and belief systems. Education, governments, laws, education and our world views will all come to the forefront during the years ahead. Venus, the love planet, moves from down to earth Capricorn into unpredictable Aquarius on the 4th, bringing relationships and partnerships into focus. Mars gets emotional and dreamy in Pisces after the 12th, positive creative energy is available to all! The full moon is in Cancer on the 5th and the new moon is in Aquarius on the 20th.


December: You’re making your plans to ensure a very successful 2015; the high point of your chart is full of exceptional planetary energy, urging you to forge ahead with your ideas. Personal development is also positively highlighted, there may be new options on the table.

January: Saturn in far-reaching Sagittarius arrives at the point in your chart concerned with higher knowledge and education. This is an important year for Aries as renewed focus on top priority projects really gets underway. The full moon on the 20th brings innovative people your way.


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What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council Oct/Nov 2014

The extended spell of good weather provided numerous opportunities to stroll through our beautiful Abbey Fields and enjoy the many different views in this idyllic natural area. Many visitors also took advantage of the opportunity to hold picnics, play tennis or go swimming, and for the children to use the excellent play area. If you have not taken advantage of these opportunities, make sure you do soon!  In addition, another successful Kenilworth Festival was held in mid-September and we are most grateful to the organisers for providing the town with such a pleasurable event.

There is also the Kenilworth Churches Together Flower Show, which occurs over the weekend of 10th – 12th October 2014. The churches in the town normally have lovely flower displays but this is a special event, as they exhibit a different display at each of the churches and everyone is invited. It is something that is always well worth visiting, as the exhibitions are wonderful.

The Town Centre Partnership held a marketing meeting on 9th September with a view to preparing the programme for next year. This is important, as we wish to prepare a diverse itinerary to promote our town centre. It is only by doing this that we can give our community an interesting shopping centre that provides us with everything we need.


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Tom’s Column Oct/Nov 2014

City’s Back Home and so is Coventry’s Local Pride
Coventry City fans have had a pretty awful time over the last year. The club has been mangled by backroom politics and they have been forced to play their “home” matches in Northampton – more than 30 miles away. Despite continuous, passionate protests from fans, club owners SISU were seemingly unwilling to listen.

But suddenly, that all changed. In late August, it was announced that the Sky Blues would return to Coventry’s Ricoh Arena for their League One clash with Gillingham. I was lucky enough to be working at BBC Coventry & Warwickshire on that day and saw the remarkable effect the news had on the city.

Later that day, I was out talking to members of the public reacting to the news. The mood was one of absolute jubilance and ecstasy. One man, dressed proudly in his 1987 cup-winning strip, declared that it was the best day of his life. Many said that grown men at their workplaces had burst into tears at hearing the news, knowing that the team was coming home. I spoke to one man with a terminal illness who said that he had thought he would never watch the Sky Blues play again.


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Technology Review Oct/Nov 2014

Some Like it Hot by Gary Marshall
Technology taking the expense out of heating your home

With summer a rapidly fading memory it’s likely that you’ve had the central heating on for weeks or even months. With energy prices constantly increasing, a few simple bits of kit can make a huge difference to your outgoings.

One of the simplest changes you can make is to replace your boiler’s old timer with a modern digital programmer, such as Siemens’ RWB29. This £45 device enables you to set different times for weekdays and weekends, and you can set three different heating times per day. Installing it and any similar programmer isn’t a particularly difficult job and the extra control it offers can help reduce your heating bills.

Another option is to invest in thermostatic radiator valves, or TRVs for short. With prices starting at around £7, TRVs are simple to fit and enable you to set different temperatures in different rooms, so, for example, you might set the bedrooms to be several degrees cooler than the living room. You can even get digital ones such as the Terrier i-temp i30, which enables you to set up to six different temperature settings per day – handy if the room’s temperature is subject to outside factors such as late afternoon sunshine.


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