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Natural Health with Elizabeth Feb/Mar 15

The Importance of an Effective Digestive System
Elizabeth Beetham, BSc Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Health Journalist and Wellbeing Expert shares her knowledge on the Importance of Good Digestion.

The importance of an efficient digestive system cannot be overestimated and yet in this country the average rate of elimination of waste from the body is every three days. Recently one of my Clients told me that it was quite normal for her to only eliminate once every week and this is not unusual. It is horrifying to think of the toxic build up of waste hanging around in the body, which is one of the reasons I undertake a herbal detox at least twice a year. The detox is easy to do – you eat normally eliminating alcohol, sugary and fried foods and all red meat for just ten days. It is called ‘The Healthy Starter Detox’ and you can buy it from my website www.powerforhealth.com or contact me for details.

The symptoms of constipation can range from gastrointestinal pain and discomfort to lethargy, headaches, irritability, feelings of depression, and lack of appetite. There are many causes of constipation which include; low fibre diet, lack of fluids, lack of exercise, change of routine, pregnancy, menopause and menstruation, stress, aging, medicines, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome which often alternates with diarrhoea.


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Yoga and Pilates Column Feb/Mar 15

Yoga and Pilates: Part 1  At some point in all of our lives we have all experienced some kind of pain, tightness or stiffness. With an increasing population of people working behind desks and working longer hours, repetitive strains into muscles and joints are becoming more apparent. Not to mention that people are living longer and therefore there is a larger population of people who suddenly find themselves over 60 and unsure how to maintain their quality of life because of their previous low activity levels.  The fact is that whether we are working long hours or enjoying retirement, over the years, imbalances throughout our bodies occur. […]

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Bits and Bobs Column Feb/Mar 15

Memories are Made of This by Bob Garlick
So went the song that Perry Como used to sing. Perry who? Some will say, but not us oldies, who have been around the block a few times.

I recently met a chap in the local pharmacy. We got chatting and he said he and his pals enjoyed something I had written about earlier days in Coventry, so I thought I would reminisce again…   I spent most of my younger years living on Binley Road in Stoke, that’s in Coventry for any out of town readers. A mere child of about five, I remember being lined up on Stoke Green with the rest of the school to salute King George VI as he was driven to the Rootes factory in Aldermoor Lane. Boys were told to raise their caps as he passed. The school was Stoke National and I remember a very lively young girl pupil called Billie Whitelaw who lived locally. Sadly Billie passed away recently after having a distinguished career as an actress. I didn’t really know her, but always followed her progress.

A few years on, after WWII my pals and I were in our early teens and used to sit on a bench on Binley Road and watch the cars go by, with great interest in the styles as the various makers started to tart up their models for export. Headlamps were embodied into the front mudguards initially, and then they got a bit more adventurous, as the radiator grilles which had been vertical were made horizontal, into what was known as the Dollar Grin. This was to render an Americanised look.


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Curtain Call Feb/Mar 15

Father and Son Team at Curtain Call Keith Walker has been manufacturing and retailing soft furnishings in Coventry and Warwickshire for over 30 years, and Keith is very proud that his son Harry, after having attended Interior Design courses in London, and completing his apprenticeship at Curtain Call, has now taken up the position of Sales Director at Curtain Call. Father and Son, Keith and Harry, are already looking forward to a great year ahead for 2015, with several large contracts already secured. Keith told us, “Many satisfied customers have used our services over the years, and they come back to us years later when they’re ready for a change, knowing we have the skills, expertise, and quality products to do a great job. It’s fantastic that many of our customers recommend us to their friends and families once we have completed a job, and we are now the only remaining bespoke curtain manufacturing company in the area, providing everything you could need for your soft furnishings under one roof.” […]

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Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber Feb/Mar 15

Start-Up Company Getting Traction in the Tyre Market A Warwickshire businessman has put the brakes on his career in investment banking – to set-up his own successful tyre fitting company. Kuljit Pahal worked for a number of investment banks, including HSBC and Merrill Lynch for 12 years but in August 2013, he decided to launch The Tyre Company at the Bermuda Trade Park in Nuneaton. He received support through the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce’s start-up programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Warwickshire County Council.   The company, which has now joined the Chamber, has 3 staff and serves around 300 motorists per month. Kuljit is now adding further storage space to stock more products and also to add another fitter to the team. […]

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Behind the Scenes of Broadchurch Feb/Mar 15

Broadchurch is TV’s latest cult hit, and Monday nights find Joe Public glued to the edge of his sofa, watching the drama of the second series slowly unfold. Matthew Gravelle plays Joe Miller, husband to DCI Miller, who at the end of the first series was outed as the alleged killer of schoolboy Danny Latimer. Together with the show’s executive producer Jane Featherstone, he spoke to us about the British phenomenon that is Broadchurch. Matthew Gravelle, a Welsh actor with a long career in TV, didn’t expect Broadchurch to explode in such an extraordinary way. “Not at all. Everybody on board knew that it was a brilliant script and they definitely wanted to be involved in it, but nobody had any idea how successful this was going to be,” he says. But then, with creator Chris Chibnall at the helm and renowned executive producer Jane Featherstone his right-hand woman, Broadchurch was always going to be a winner. “We worked on Life on Mars and we did Law and Order together,” says Featherstone. “I’ve always loved Chris’ brilliant combination of character, wit, humour and drama, he has a great craft; I love his writing and I love working with him. He sent me the script and I just saw this incredible ambition to tell one story across eight hours. I love that sort of television; I love immersing myself in something for that length of time and I loved the characters he had drawn.” […]

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Health and Fitness Feb/Mar 15

How to Banish Belly Fat! By Dal Dhaliwal
Doing sit-ups and crunches alone isn’t really going to achieve a flat stomach quickly. If you have a layer of fat covering up your stomach then you are wasting your time in the long run doing all those sit ups. Focus should be paid to burning the layer of stomach fat to see the visible changes. Here are my 7 Tips on how you can achieve a flatter stomach and banish that belly fat.

1. Cardio Exercises – These are exercises that will heat up your core temperature and improve circulation. 30 minutes of interval cardio training gets you further than 30 minutes of crunches on the floor. To burn off the layer of fat that’s hiding your muscles, exercises like crunches and sit ups will NOT do the trick.

2. Weight / Strength Training Exercises – Training with weights will increase your metabolism and improve your muscular tone – so you’ll burn calories faster over time. Vary your exercises to work the entire abdominal region separately. Crunches work the upper abdomen, leg raises work the lower abdomen, and side bends work the oblique’s (love handles). My favourite exercises are the plank on the mat and crunches/sit ups on the stability ball.


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Blue Daisy’s Garden Diary Feb/Mar 15

Garden Design Quick Tip: Using Plants to Create Movement in the Garden  One of the questions I get asked the most is ‘How can I make my garden more interesting?’ and there are a few elements to consider. For example, form, texture and colour, but this month we are looking at movement. What is important to remember is it really doesn’t matter whether you have a small urban garden or a big estate, the same design principles can be applied albeit in different quantities. Quite a few gardens that I visit often appear static, with plants that look as though they have been placed like ornaments, rather than contributing to the ambience and dynamism of the garden. Movement doesn’t have to be drastic, although it can be a subtle addition to the space you are trying to create.  Making use of plants that accentuate the movement of the wind as it blows through the garden will create movement most naturally. There are a few well known and easy to source plants you can successfully add to your borders, but by far the best plant group to create movement are ornamental grasses (which can also be used to create vertical lift). Other plants have papery thin leaves that will gently sway in the breeze and those with seed heads will rustle as the ripe seeds move around inside them. […]

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Horoscopes by Christine Chalklin Feb/Mar 15

YOUR HOROSCOPES for February and March 2015 by Christine Chalklin What’s happening in the Cosmos in February 2015? Enjoy a beautiful celestial start to the month with a spectacular alignment between mystical Neptune and the love planet Venus. This couldn’t be better energy for the romantic time leading up to Valentine’s Day on the 14th! Mercury, the messenger planet, is still in retrograde motion until the 12th – as always with this phase, please do take care with all things relating to communication and travel.  Motivational Mars becomes much more energetic after the 20th as he launches himself into his own sign of Aries. There is a powerful full moon in Leo on the 3rd illuminating and encouraging us all to get our creative projects underway. The new moon in Aquarius on the 18th is the perfect time to let your innovative and quirky ideas come to the forefront. Chinese New Year begins on the 19th and in 2015 we welcome in the year of the Sheep or Goat. Traditionally this is nurturing feminine energy, representing a symbol of tranquillity, peace and harmonious co-existence. Connecting with harmonious vibrations will be very welcome considering the volatile times ahead. What’s happening in the Cosmos in March 2015? March may well turn out to be a turbulent and volatile month. The heavens are in battle mode starting with Mars, the warrior planet, in excitable and impulsive Aries. Mars aligns with unpredictable Uranus on the 11th and the final Pluto/Uranus stand-off completes on the 17th. These aspects stir up passions and the need for freedom from repression; they will most likely show themselves globally by igniting the flames of rebellion. Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into gentle Pisces on the 13th, hopefully bringing a more spiritual and humanitarian outlook to world problems. Venus, the love planet, moves into Taurus on the 17th highlighting an awareness of the joys of Spring and the urge to go out and enjoy nature. The full moon is in Virgo on the 5th and the new moon solar eclipse and the Spring Equinox both fall on the 20th. ARIES  MARCH  21 – APRIL 20 February: This month is a rather introspective time for fiery Aries as the dreamy sign of Pisces is strong in your chart. The pace picks up after the 20th as your ruling planet leaves Pisces for your own sign. The full moon on the 3rd pushes your creativity to the limits, some important behind the scenes work can be achieved now. March: The powerful Venus/Mars alignment in your sign brings your personal charisma to fabulous new heights this month. The Maverick planet Uranus is also involved in this planetary set-up, be prepared for exciting or sudden changes in your life. The Solar eclipse and Equinox both make the 20th a very important day. […]

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Tom’s Column Dec 14/Jan 15

The Good and the Bad of Christmas Music
As Andy Williams famously sang in the 1960s, Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year”. Alongside heaps of turkey and gallons of wine, the festive period also comes packaged with an entire canon of songs from across the years.

From the classic tones of Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ to the modern rock of ‘Don’t Let The Bells End’ by The Darkness, there’s something in the holiday mix for everyone to enjoy. There’s a tonne of stuff to listen to over Christmas, but that doesn’t mean all of the melodies lurking under the tree are quality.

The first problem with Christmas music is its total omnipresence. From the middle of November until the middle of January, the same revolving door of about a dozen songs rings out from every shopping centre, pub and car radio in the country. It’s endearing for the first couple of days – even weeks – but it’s never long until fatigue sets in and every note of ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’ makes you want to tear your hair out.


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